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BookBook Case for iPad

Wow, this company ships quickly!  I ordered my BookBook cases on the 24th of October and they arrived today, the 26th of October.  Talk about a pleasant surprise.  Let’s take a look at the iPad case, shall we?

Here is what the case looks like before you put the iPad inside it.  There is a leather thong-type strap that hooks around a leather circle.  There is an elastic strap on the top of the side where your iPad goes as well as two leather tabs on the bottom that the iPad slides into.  The inside is a nice soft suede that provides a non-scratch surface that won’t damage your iPad screen.

Here is how it looks with my iPad inside the case.  I had to take my Smart Cover off the iPad but all that means is that I have to put it to sleep myself now and not expect it to go to sleep automatically like it used to when I’d close the cover.

BookBook case set up as Stand

When you want to use this case as a stand, you slip the top of your iPad out of the elastic and take the leather strap out from behind the iPad.  It sounds fussy but indeed, it is a very quick operation.  Now you put your iPad back under the elastic and then fold your case open, taking the leather strap around, under, and back to the little circle thing (sorry, I don’t know what the official name for it is), and then adjust the angle you want for the stand before wrapping the strap several times around the circle to secure your stand.

iPad in Upright Stand Position

 Reverse the procedure when you are finished using your iPad in the “stand” postition.  When you aren’t using it with the “no-hands” approach, you can just hold it like you would a book on your lap and it will stay open while you manipulate your screen as normal.

 BookBook case Spine

Put your iPad in sleep mode or turn it off when you’re done using it and zip up your case and this is the end result.  It looks just like a book.  How cool!

BookBook iPhone case 

I also got my case for my new iPhone 4s (which still hasn’t arrived).  I wanted to show you how the two cases compare in size.  If you’ve ever seen a pocket-size New Testament, my new iPhone case is about the same size.

Waiting for my new phone

Now I just have to get my new phone and then I’ll take out the “dummy” filler and slip that baby in my new case and put a few credit cards and my driver’s license on the other side and I’m good to go.  Oh, guess I’d better slip a twenty in there as well, in case I get hungry for a snack.

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