Darn Those Dormer Windows!



Have you ever had one of those months?  I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say that January 2013 has been a month that I don’t hope to repeat any time soon.  Let’s see, I’ve been sick as a dog, I’ve lost my hearing, and today, to add insult to injury (or should it be the other way around?) I really did something stupid.  I’m blaming it on housework, which is as good a scapegoat as any.

You see, I was changing the sheets in the “sickroom.”  I decided that I was feeling well enough now to move back into the conjugal bedroom since I was no longer having horrible coughing fits in the middle of the night and my ENT specialist had just cleared me to start using the CPAP machine again so I was going to put fresh sheets on the guest bed and move things back over to my own bedroom.  Well, I stripped the sheets with no problems.  Then I put on the new sheets but as I went to grab the blanket and swing it back onto the bed, I forgot about the fact that I was standing in the dormer window area and I swung around and cracked my head on the side of the dormer overhang.  Ouch!  It was a mighty crack and it hurt enough to send me to the bed where I lay there going “Ow, ow, ow” while I grabbed my head and Toto looked on in confusion.   Suddenly, I noticed that my hand felt wet.  I sat up and looked at my hand and it was covered in blood.  Yikes!

Wound 2


I ran into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to press to the side of my head.  Then I stood there for a minute taking stock of the situation.  Hmm, I hadn’t passed out.  I knew that head wounds tended to bleed copiously but always seemed worse than they actually were.  I was more concerned with the fact that I might have a mild concussion.  I really didn’t want to call 911 so I did the next best thing.  I called the Commander.

“Honey, I whacked my head on the dormer while I was changing the sheets and now my head is bleeding.  Could you come home for a few minutes and just make sure I don’t have a concussion?” I asked him.   I listened long enough to hear him say “yes” and then I hung up on him.  I think I was a little bit in shock but one thing I know for sure.  The Commander always comes through when I need him.

Wound 3


By the time he got home, the bleeding had stopped and Toto and I were sitting on the couch while I was trying to catch up on my daily Bible reading.  I seemed to have acquired new red highlights in my hair but I was afraid to investigate it any further because I’m a little squeamish about stuff like that.

The Commander looked up “symptoms of a concussion” on his iPhone and we decided that I didn’t have any of them.  We couldn’t see the wound so he stuck around while I washed my hair and then he checked out the damage and decided that I didn’t need stitches (thank God).  With a kiss and a hug, I sent him on back to work, promising to stick close to home today and to stay out of any further trouble.  Toto is keeping an eye on me.  I think I’ll just do some mega-knitting because obviously, housework is hazardous to my health.

  • Watch out for those sharp knitting needles!

    • Dee

      No kidding. Maybe I should use “training needles.”

  • Jeff Taylor

    Hi, Dee!
    The reward for doing housework is pain and then you have to repeat it later.
    You would be equally attractive as a redhead. Hmm, seemed to work out for Lucille Ball!

    • Dee

      Hi Jeff,
      Sometimes I think I might be Lucille Ball reincarnated considering some of the situations I get myself into. Ha! Stay warm, Cousin!


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