Is That You, Daddy?

Who's Calling?

Who’s Calling?

Spud was playing happily the other day when his mommy heard her cellphone buzz.  It was Daddy texting to say that he’d like to Skype.  Everyone flew into action as the mini iPad was whipped out and a Skype session was started.

It's Daddy!

It’s Daddy!

Soon Daddy’s happy face was filling the little screen and the children (and their mommy) broke out into huge grins and the fun began.  I think that Spud would have launched himself into the iPad screen if Mommy hadn’t restrained him.  He definitely was trying to get to his daddy.

So What's New?

So What’s New?

He finally settled down and everyone had a proper chat with little Spud acting like he was an old hand at virtual chats, which he actually is at this point in his life, with his daddy occasionally traveling to different parts of the world.

Skype Joy!

Skype Joy!

Before Spud headed off to play some more, he rewarded his mommy with a big grin when she asked him, “You love your daddy, don’t you?”  He sure does.

In the meantime, Sweet Pea had been playing nearby and she wandered over to talk to her daddy but just then the connection was lost.  Oh, dear!  The drama!  I wish I could have captured this for you.  She clung to her mama and wailed, begging her to reconnect on Skype.  Mommy was trying her best but unfortunately the connection just wouldn’t go through.

“But I LOVE my daddy,” wailed little Sweet Pea.

I found myself thinking that there is a lesson in there for all of us.  We never know when a connection, in whatever form, may be severed so it’s best to take every opportunity to express our love to our loved ones when we have the chance.  Go ahead and give it a try.  You don’t need Skype to hug someone near and dear.


  • Jeff Taylor

    Hi, Dee!
    Your last paragraph was exceptionally appropriate for me this week. I was in Worthington Thursday and Friday, and was blessed with the opportunity to connect with a bunch of my Graf and Ellefson (my Grandma Marget’s family) relatives. My Uncle Erving passed away last week. The services were a blessing and a true celebration.
    I made a few trips down to Wgtn. in the last few weeks to visit Erv at the nursing home where he was in hospice. I was accompanied by my Dad and sister Karen (whom you will have to meet ASAP as she could be your sister). We visited with Erv and even managed to entertain him with a few hymns with my dobro as accompaniment. I pray that, when my time comes, I will face it with courage, kindness, and faith comparable to that of my Uncle. I am pretty sure that Erv did more for me at those visits than I did for him.
    Tell John that I passed around a stone cast of the keg branding iron. The rellies were amazed, and I now have orders for 12 copies (when I get one of the casts restored and cast). Have already spoken with the manager of the foundry in Mankato- he is anxious to try it.
    Once again, be mindful of the joy and blessings I receive through my marvelous relatives. Anxious to see you kids soon. And kindly greet your progeny from me!


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