Daddy and Mommy are Home!

Today was a day for celebration.  Last night, after the children had gone to bed and fallen asleep, Mommy returned from a LONG week of working in the ICU at the hospital.  That’s why the Commander and I knew that we could sleep in this morning because Mommy would be waiting to greet the children when they woke up.  Indeed she was!  I woke up to the babbling of little Spud who was “talking” a mile a minute out in the kitchen to his mom.  Soon Sweet Pea woke up and joined the delighted reunion.

When I walked out into the kitchen, little Spud took one look at me, started wailing and skedaddled over to his mommy and grabbed her legs in a grip that said, “Oh, no, you don’t.  You’re not leaving me so soon.”  I think he thought it was his mom’s cue to head off to work and for me to take over as a poor substitute.  Not to worry, little guy!

Then it was time for Laura and the children to head off to the airport to pick up our son, returning from his two weeks away in Canada.  I don’t think the kids knew quite what to do.  They were just so happy to see both of their parents home.

Little Spud stuck to his daddy like glue, even giving him a hair massage and kisses.  Sweet Pea wandered in and out of the tableau but she was moving so quickly that I couldn’t capture her on film.

Of course, “Daddy” was eating up all the attention and SO happy to be reunited with his family again.  We were happy for all of them.  I can still remember the times our own kids and I stood on the pier waiting for the Commander’s ship to pull into port after a long cruise and the excitement of everyone as we would finally spot our loved ones on deck.

Later in the afternoon we all went to Olive Garden to celebrate.  Little Sweet Pea was happy as a clam with the breadsticks and her own set of crayons.

Spud was just happy to have Mommy and Daddy close by.  Of course, he wasn’t turning his nose up at the breadsticks either.

We’ll be heading off in a few more days back to our own home (and Fall weather).  Then I have to start working quickly on plans for a little celebration for my mom’s 99th birthday.  Won’t be long after that when our new puppy will be arriving at our home.  Guess this babysitting has been to prepare me for the days ahead with another little baby, even though he’ll be a canine baby.    For now though, I’m going to head to bed happy in the knowledge that our Texas family is back safe and sound under one roof.

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