Crunching on Chicken Toes

OK, maybe they weren’t chicken toes but I can’t swear by that.  Jason walked to “circle” to pick up some lunch yesterday and came back with an assortment of goodies for us.  He had some tempeh, fried noodles, and some fried chicken strips. 

I thought you might enjoy a look at the “containers” this food comes in from the little food kiosks in the area.  It is waxed paper on the inside and just a brown paper on the outside.  They put the ordered food in the paper and then fold it up and staple or rubber band the little packets of paper.  That’s how you get it.

The tempeh was for Laura and for him.  I’m not a fan of tofu or the soy stuff.  It tastes like rubber to me on a bad day and like mush to me on a good day.  I left it for them and gladly.  The fried noodles were another story.  I’m particularly fond of fried noodles here.  This batch had a bunch of veggies mixed in with it.  I thought at first that the dark green stuff was spinach but it really tasted bitter.  I ate as much of it as I could and then I started picking the rest out.  I figured if the baby could be picky, so could I.  I did get most of the cabbage down.  I love cabbage in good old Pennsylvania dishes.  The onion stalks were another thing.  I love onion in dishes, too but the stalks are just too reedy for me.  Those went to the side of the plate along with the bitter green stuff.  Yup, I know….I have horrible eating habits but this is the person who usually eats the top of a cake for lunch or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or two.  I’ve been fairly sugar deprived for the past two weeks.  Let’s blame it on that.

Then it was time to unveil the fried chicken strips.  Oh, boy…I was really looking forward to those.  Jason opened up the paper pouch.  Hmmm, they looked like fried octapus tentacles.  I looked a little closer but couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  However, it was fried so that was just about all the endorsement I needed.  Jason and I dug in.  Ouch, the darn things were rock hard.  These things were crunchier than peanuts.  Luckily, none of my fillings are loose so I didn’t think I’d endanger my teeth by eating them.  I looked closer at the “strips.” 

“Jason,” I said.  “I think these might be fried chicken feet.”

“No way,” he replied.

“Sure,” I answered.  “They look like little chicken toes.”

I don’t know if they were or not but it was a catchy name and it stuck.  The baby enjoyed biting them and throwing them on the ground.  They were deadly if they hit any ants.  And they make a great story, eh?

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