Could the Plague Be Far Behind?

I HATE being sick!

Well, so far in the war of the germs vs. the family, the germs seem to have the upper hand.  Let’s tally the casualties so far:

1 Grandma – recovering from a bad case of vertigo which led to nausea and now has progressed to a cold
1 Aunt – cold
1 Son – recovering from a case of “stomach feeling off” and now feeling pretty good
1 Daughter-in-Law – cold
1 Granddaughter – cold, and now pink-eye
1 Grandson – cold
1 Grandpa (PawPaw) – back hurting and cold

In the meantime, I’ve been dutifully taking Cold-Eze, washing my hands every chance I get and hoping for the best.  It also doesn’t hurt that I have friends back home praying that I’ll stay healthy.

This morning, because the Commander was moving slowly, we got downstairs for breakfast near the closing time and most of the food was gone and there was such a crowd that there was no place to sit.  That was incentive enough for me to say, “Let’s go to Waffle House.”  I got a big kick out of our server there.  He was a very nice young man who couldn’t get over the fact that I ordered my coffee black (is there any other way?).  He kept saying, “I’ve never met a lady who drank her coffee black.  They always seem to want cream or sugar in their coffee.”

I finally told him, “I learned to drink coffee in the Navy and we like it strong and black there.”  (I really felt like I should follow up this statement with a hearty “Aargh, me hearties!”)

Speaking of food preferences, little Mika has found a food that she loves.  She likes corn on the cob.  In fact she’s a little chomping machine when you bring out the corn.

This is pretty good, Mommy.
Nana, you should try some of this!
“Chomp, chomp, chomp!”

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