Consensus, Schmensus!

Books!  Gosh, I love books and I love my book clubs that I belong to, too.  They are as different as night and day but both are great groups with members who are passionate about the books they read.  That’s a good thing.  However, that passion can also make it a little difficult when it comes to picking out each month’s reading selection.  Today was no exception.  This is how it went, more or less.

Member #1:  “So, what shall we read next month?”

Member #2:  “I’m reading one about two sisters but I’m not sure the group would like it.  It starts out really slow and doesn’t really pick up until you are about halfway through it.”

Member #3:  “I jotted this list down of books some folks suggested when I was on a recent trip.”
She reads off the titles, checking to see if any of us have read or heard of them.  There is only one title that Member #6 is familiar with.  Member #1 heads to the computer to check out the first title on Amazon.  

Member #1:  “Ok, that book is about ill-fated lovers going through the horrors of war in Budapest.”

Me:  “Oh, no, no, no….if I have to read one more book about starving through the harsh winters of Budapest or St. Petersburg with ill-fated lovers during a war, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it.  Couldn’t we read something a little lighter?”

Member #4:  “What about that second title that was mentioned?  Can someone look up the ratings and summary on it?”

Member #5:  (looking it up on her iPad)  “It’s a story of the horrors and inhumanity of slavery.”

(I think to myself, “This is a little lighter?”)

Member #4:  “Oh, let’s read that.  I love reading stories about slavery.  It’s always fascinated me.”

(Member #3 gives me a sympathetic look.)

Me:  “How about this one?  It’s about the lessons this young lady learned about life through the books that she and her father read together as she was growing up?” (No one takes the bait.)

Member #3 to Member #4:  “Weren’t you reading one about Abraham Lincoln?”

Me:  “Ooh, ‘Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter?'”
(All eyes swing over to stare at me.  
“Hey, it’s going to be coming out as a movie?”

Member #5:  “Here are the bestsellers on Amazon right now.  #1 is Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Member #6:  “What’s that about?”
 (Three of us look at each other and blush)

Member #3:  “It’s erotic fiction.”

Member #4:  “It’s Mommy Porn.  What’s #2 on the list?”

Me:  “Probaby Fifty Shades of Greyer,” I quip.  (I’m not far off.)

Member #4:  “What’s the next book on the list that isn’t anything to do with grey?”

Member #5:  “It’s Deadlocked.”

Member #6:  “What’s that about?”

Me:  “Vampires!”  (The group stares at me.)  “The True Blood TV Show is based on the books in the series.”  (Don’t ask me how I know this.  Nobody bites on this one either.  Sorry for the pun.)

Philippa Gregory’s new book makes a quick surge to the front of the line.  I notice I have a text message from my brother as the group discusses the plot summary.

Member #4:  (to me as she sees me fiddling with my iPhone)  “Are you looking the rating up on Amazon?”

Me:   “Um, no.  I’m texting my brother.  He just had me buy a Kindle Fire for him.  They’re selling refurbished ones today for $139 as the Deal of the Day.”

Member #2:  “We’re having a book signing here at the shop next month featuring a book that a local author just wrote.  All of her books are fiber-related and have some romance in them but in a nice way.”

Member #4:  “What’s it rated?  I never read anything with a rating lower than a 4.5 and try to read only books that are rated 5-star.”

Member #2:  “Then you’re missing out on a lot of good books because I’ve read many that weren’t rated that high that were very good.”
(I feel like hugging her.)

Member #4:  “That’s because you’re not as big a snob as I am when it comes to reading books.”
(I feel like kicking HER.)

Me:  “Hey, why don’t we read the book by the local author?”
(No response)

Me:  “So, why don’t we take the four or so titles we’ve mentioned, write them on slips of paper, put them in a cup, and draw one out and that will be the book we read?”
(No response)

Member #4:  “What about a book by Larson?  What’s the latest one he wrote?”

Me:  “Isn’t it set in Berlin?”

Member #4:  “No….I don’t think so.”
(Member #5 looks it up on Amazon.  It is set in Berlin.)

Me:  “I’ve read some good things about it.  Why don’t we read that one?”
(By this time, we’re a half hour past the end of our scheduled meeting time, Member #6 keeps eyeing her watch, and Member #7 has gotten up to stretch her legs several times.)

Miracle of miracles, we agree to make it our June selection.  Perhaps we all just want to get home before the school buses start rolling through our subdivisions.  Even though we’re going to be revisiting WWII again and  even though there might be an ill-fated lover or two in next month’s selection, at least we have a book picked.  And I thought giving birth was difficult!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • My book club of one has enough trouble deciding what book to read. LOL

    I just read Steven King’s new book – 11-23-63. I liked it alot. (Of course, I didn’t read it , exactly….I listened to it)


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