Come on Baby, Light My Fire!

My Kindle Fire was scheduled to be delivered today so I decided to do some productive work while I waited for the UPS man.  I’ve been meaning to tackle the closet in our spare room upstairs.  It has gotten so full with suitcases, fabric, Christmas presents, and off-season clothes that I could barely walk into it.

My linen closet in the bathroom upstairs is full to the brim so I’ve been stashing some sheets for the twin bed in our spare room in here, too.  Plus there are still some of our son’s things in it.

See, I told you… room to walk in THIS closet!

Oh, and let’s not forget the quilt batting that has been stashed in here as well as Christmas wrapping paper from LAST Christmas.

The first thing I did was move the suitcases out of the closet so I could walk in there, as well as put the Christmas presents temporarily in the other room.  Then I grabbed some boxes and some garbage bags.  Next job was to sort through the hanging clothes and remove clothes that needed to go to Goodwill.  That helped quite a bit.

I sorted through my fabric and neatly folded the larger pieces.  The smaller pieces were put into some clear little bins with lids to go on the top shelf in the closet.  I also dragged my son’s guitar amp (why I still have this in our closet, I don’t know) and put it way back in a corner of the top shelf.

The batting was arranged up on the shelf as well, next to a tub with lots of quilt blocks for a big reproduction  Civil War quilt that I’ve been working on forever, it seems like.

The final result was a fairly neat closet that I can walk into and easily find things in.  And before I could rethink anything, I lugged the bags of clothes and the box of other donations down the stairs and out the door where I loaded them into my car and made the trip to Goodwill to donate.

Look at that!  It’s the carpet.  You can actually see bare carpet with nothing scattered all over it.  Wow!  I WILL confess, however, that I did have to put a few Christmas presents back in there to hide them from curious eyes next week when the family arrives for Thanksgiving.  It’s a big joke in our family that EVERYONE knows where Mom’s hiding place is for Christmas presents but hey, if they look, they lose the fun of being surprised.  Besides, it has a nice sliding door that I can conveniently shut.

Just when I was finishing up, I heard a truck pull up outside.  I looked out the window and yippee-ki-yay!  It was UPS.  My Kindle Fire had arrived.  Guess you know what I was doing this afternoon.  I’ll give you my first impressions in my next post.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Wow! Good job! Feels good to be organized, doesn’t it?

    I’ve always had the same attitude about Christmas gifts – go ahead and look, if you really want to… you’re the one who will feel bad on Christmas morning.


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