Cleaning a Travel Mug or Thermos

My Newly-Cleaned Mug

My Newly-Cleaned Mug

Our son recently flew back to his home in Texas.   He had stopped at a coffee kiosk at the airport terminal and when he’d  handed his thermos to the barista, she took one look at it and told him, “You need to get some Puro to clean this out.”  Well, he ordered some when he got home and tried it out and was so impressed that he couldn’t wait to tell us about it.

“Mom, you have GOT to try this stuff out,” he insisted.  “I just put two teaspoons-full in my mug and my thermos and then poured boiling water in them.  Then I let it sit about a half hour and poured it out.  I couldn’t believe all the gunk that washed out.  Oh, but be sure to do it in the sink because that stuff bubbles up like crazy when you pour in the water.”

My hubby's dirty mug

My hubby’s dirty mug

Well, I didn’t waste any time.  I went up on Amazon and ordered a canister of Puro Caff and then I tried it out on my travel mug first.  The results in the first picture above were astounding.  I didn’t even have to do any scrubbing.  Just poured in the boiling water, waited a half hour and then rinsed it out.  Amazing!  The Commander’s travel mug was next.

Puro Cleaned!

Puro Cleaned!

The results were the same for his mug.  After the initial soak, I just had to rinse everything out and then I washed it out with soapy water and the dishcloth – no scrubbing (just to make sure there would be no Puro residue left) and it looked like this.

The final test would be the Commander’s coffee thermos.  I couldn’t get any good “Before” shots because you just can’t get a shot of the insides of a thermos with a camera.  However, I followed the same procedure.  I put in the two teaspoons of Puro and poured in the boiling water.  It immediately started to bubble up so I was glad that I had set the thermos in the sink.

Coffee Crud!

Coffee Crud!

When the time came to empty the water into the sink, I started to pour out the thermos and almost fell over when the “water” coming out looked like strong coffee.  In fact, I wondered for a moment if I hadn’t checked before putting the Puro in and not noticed that the thermos was still full of coffee.  But no, I asked the Commander and he assured me that it had been empty.

As I continued to pour out the contents, big chunks of crud started to come out.  A lot went down the drain before I had the bright idea of taking a picture of what was coming out for you to see.  Ugh!  This stuff must have been lining the walls of his thermos.  I am amazed that the Puro was able to get all of that out just by having a half hour soak.  I did a final rinse with clean water until there was no more crud coming out and the water was clear and then rinsed it with soapy water and rinsed it with clean water once more and let it drip dry.

I can’t recommend this product enough.  It’s so easy to use and boy, does it do the job!  A canister costs about $14 on Amazon and I think it will last quite a long time.  In my book, it’s money well spent.




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