Christmas in Paradise

Lombok and Christmas….it’s hard to believe that today is Christmas, at least in this part of the world as I look out over a vista of banana trees, palm trees, and bird of paradise plants.  The resort here consists of a huge main lodge with various restaurants, a fitness lounge, a gorgeous pool, meeting room, and tennis courts all located right on the beach and then you walk across the street to grounds where there are the lodgings.  Each building appears to have two units taking up a complete floor.

We are staying in the upper floor of one of the units and have a living area, kitchen and eating area, and two bedrooms complete with bathrooms.  Our friend, Lina and I are in one bedroom and Jason, Laura and Mika are in the other bedroom.

When we arrived at the resort, we were greeted by very attentive employees everywhere.  As Laura checked us in, an employee came around with a tray of complimentary fruit drinks for us.  It was wonderful, especially since we were all pretty parched and the baby was hot, feverish, and cranky.  I had the chance to sit and skim through an English-language newspaper in the lobby which was my first chance at seeing any news since my arrival here.  I REALLY miss my daily newspaper at home so this was a real treat.  Then another employee came to load our luggage on a trolley and lead us across the street to our unit.  Once there, he showed us how to operate the air conditioning units and then he was on his way.

Now that we’ve had a few days here, we’ve been enjoying the wonderful breakfast buffet that’s included in the stay.  They even make up omelets to order, have waffles with syrup, and croissants with mango jam, plus the usual assortment of Asian noodle dishes that folks in this part of the world enjoy for breakfast.  Lunch and dinners are another treat.  The waiters or waitresses hover over us, waiting to cater to our every whim….even putting our napkins on our laps.  Wow!

The pool is a thing of beauty.  It’s comprised of several levels and surrounded by chairs for lounging and umbrellas for those of us who aren’t sun worshippers.  You can still enjoy a view of the ocean from poolside.

 Here’s the view as you walk out the front of the main lodge  Aren’t those mountains gorgeous?  We walk across the street to get to our apartment.  The views are absolutely breathtaking.

The resort has been playing Christmas songs since we arrived.  It has been nice to sing along as we eat on the patios scattered around the main lobby.  This is the main mural that greeted us at the main lobby.  Get a load of this reindeer.  I think I would have had nightmares as a kid if I had seen him arriving on my roof.

We have decorated a little tree in our apartment and have little stockings on the table next to it.  Today we are going to be reading the Christmas story, watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on one of the laptops, and we’ve been singing Christmas carols together.  Last evening, our Christmas Eve, Mika, Lina and I danced merrily around the apartment to music, including our one and only Christmas song on Lina’s mp3 (a Mariah Carey Christmas song).  Mika LOVED dancing and directing the fun.

So to all of you from all of us, may you have a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year from our little corner of the world.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • If you can’t be home for Christmas, you couldn’t be in a more beautiful place!!! Wow.


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