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Great Sibling Tour ’17 Day Eight

Recap:  We are two siblings who go on yearly road trips together.  My brother lives in Michigan and I call Texas home.  Our trips usually center around the Upper Midwest where we can relive the glory days of our childhood and visit our relatives (at least those who don’t bar the door when they see us coming.  Just kidding!)    Sometimes we pick a theme for our travels.  Last year we tried to see a lot of roadside attractions.  This year, we added geocaching to the mix.

Psychedelic Car Wash

Day Eight: Today was a relatively quiet day.  Not a lot of traveling involved but a lot of visiting with our cousins.  First, though, we stopped in at Heintz Toyota in Mankato to say hello to the saleslady who sold my brother his last two Prius autos.  She really knows her stuff and we always enjoy seeing her when we are in the area to just brag about how much we love our Priuses.  Before we left, she treated John to a free car wash.  Now that is the type of service that keeps you coming back.

We sat in the car wash and enjoyed the “show” as the multi-colored suds created a pleasing display on the windshield.  It doesn’t take much to amuse us.

Another cache found

Armed with a clean car, we headed off to do some more geocaching.  This was a clever hide.  We needed to have a confidence-booster after struggling to find another cache and coming up with zip.

Since John got to visit his Toyota dealer, I was able to bargain successfully to go visit a local yarn shop.  It was Mary Lue’s Yarn and Ewe.  The shop is well-stocked with fun yarns and very creative shop samples that use those yarns.  I got lots of ideas and helped support the local knitting community just a tad.  If you’re in the area and a knitter, I recommend you stop in.

From there, we checked into our hotel and then headed off to visit our cousins.  They had lots of questions about geocaching and we just happened to have a location in their area where we could hunt for another cache.

Let’s just say that our cousin is no longer a “geocaching muggle.”  We might even have made a new convert because I think she might give it a try on her next family vacation.  If all this talk of geocaching has piqued your interest, go to this website where you can create an account for free and then search for locations all over the United States that have geocaches waiting to be found.  The website has informative videos explaining the geocaching sport that you can find under “Learn” on their home page.

It was great seeing our cousins again and catching up on the news.  However, when we got back to the hotel room, John and I suddenly looked at each other and said, “Oh, no…we didn’t get a picture of us with Monnie!”  We certainly had plenty of opportunity but were so busy gabbing that we completely forgot to snap some pics.  I guess that gives us the perfect excuse to stop in again next year.

Tomorrow we head off to the Wisconsin Dells.  For tonight, I’m signing off and putting my feet up.

Great Sibling Tour ’17 Day Two

World’s Largest Wooden Nickel

Day Two of our sibling trip dawned bright and lovely as we headed off to find the World’s Largest Wooden Nickel, located outside Iowa City, IA.

Literary Rest Stop

Next we made a side trip back the way we’d just come to visit the Literary Rest Stop on I-80E outside Tiffin, IA.  This whole rest stop is dedicated to Iowa authors.

Picnic Pavilions

Each of the little picnic pavilions scattered about the rest area feature a quote from hometown authors.  It was really quite lovely for this book-loving gal.

Amana Doorway

We got ourselves headed back in the right direction and continued on to the Amana Colonies.  What a wonderful day to visit them.  There were very few visitors walking about the town and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Lovely gardens

As we walked through the town of Amana, we enjoyed the beautiful gardens and the quaint shops.

Antique Shop

Metal Sculptures

Then we decided to head over to the Amana Woolen Mill.  They had some lovely things there that are made on the looms in the old building.

Woolen Mill

Woolen Mill blankets

After a productive visit there and a nice chat with several folks  about their Prius cars, we headed over to the local brewery for a quick bite to eat.

I had Mac and Cheese with a Jalapeño and Cheese Brat .  Yummy.  My brother had brats and sauerkraut with some hot German potato salad.

Largest Maple Rocker

Next stop was West Amana where we had way too much fun climbing into this large rocker and taking our pictures.

It was a good thing that there weren’t many folks around because we were being our normal zany selves, laughing like fools and having a great time.

Another cache

As the day neared its end, we headed off to our hotel but not before doing some geocache searching.  John found one and I found one.

Now it was time to check into our hotel.  Wow, was it an old one and we were the only ones checked into it.  When I say “old”, I mean “old”.  They didn’t even provide kleenex or breakfast or any of the normal hotel niceties.  The owners were nice enough.  They’d just bought it a month earlier.

We dragged our bags in and went off to get some supper.  Then we came back and tried to connect to the internet but it was so slow that we just couldn’t do anything.  I finally decided to give up and get ready for bed but not before I did a quick check of the bed for bedbugs.


Imagine my horror when I pulled up the fitted sheet and found THIS!

“John, grab some toilet paper.  There’s a bed bug in my bed,” I yelled.

He pooh poohed but gave me some paper and I got it.

“I’m NOT sleeping in this room,” I told him.  “That’s it.  We have to leave.”

“Don’t be silly.  You can sleep in that bed,” he said.

“YOU sleep in that bed,” I retorted, thinking that if I had to, I’d sleep outside in the car.

“How do you even know it is a bedbug?”, he asked.

“Believe me, I’ve seen enough pictures of them,” I explained and proceeded to bring up a Google search on bedbugs for him to look at.

“Sheesh!” he said.  “I was resting on MY bed earlier and have some of my clothes unpacked.”

Luckily, I hadn’t taken anything out of my bags yet.  John started throwing his stuff back into his luggage while I called the front desk to tell them that we had unwelcome guests in our room and that I wanted a refund.  They offered to put us up in another room and I quickly told them that I wasn’t staying in any of their rooms, thank you very much.

That’s how we happened to find ourselves back on the road at 11:15 p.m. on the road to Des Moines, IA.  We finally got to a different motel in Des Moines at 12:25 a.m.  The room was lovely and had no extra wildlife in it.  Thank heavens.

All the way there, John kept saying, “Man, I have the heebie jeebies now.”

I’ve been put in charge of checking beds from now on.  This was an experience that I hope to never repeat.


Preschool Graduation

Single Posing

Sweet Pea

We have a new graduate in our family.  Little Sweet Pea graduated from preschool last night.  Of course, we were on hand to document the momentous occasion.

Marching In

Marching In

Each 4-year-old class marched in to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance.  It was so cute to see these little ones arriving so seriously.  There was a bit of a kerfluffle as Sweet Pea came up the steps, though.  More on that later.  Suffice it to say that, as she daintily made her way up the steps, the girl behind her bounded past her and jumped the line, so to speak.

Little Graduates

Little Graduates

Here is Sweet Pea’s class.  Honestly, as they performed onstage and later, as they came across the stage one at a time to receive their diplomas and pose for a picture, I found my mind drifting as I began to imagine them ten years from now.  From their mannerisms and their personalities peaking through, it wasn’t hard to imagine what kind of high schooler they might become.  The little redhead (the line cutter) next to Sweet Pea is probably going to be the class clown.  She was a real cut-up during the proceedings.  The little boy next to her will most likely be the class heartthrob.  Who could resist those eyes?  The little boy in the front row with the check shirt?  He’s probably going to be the class president.  When he was waiting for his name to be called to go get his diploma, he was standing in the Clark Kent/Superman pose with his feet apart and his hands on his hips….surveying the audience.  Confidence seemed to be his middle name.

The little boy top left will probably be trying out for all the class plays.  When we started to applaud after their first song, he yelled out with delight, “You’re all so happy!  You’re clapping for us!”  Yup.  He’s already gotten a taste for applause.  That gentle giant of a young man on the top row will probably be a linebacker on the football team.  He always seems to have a bemused look on his face.  He looked the same way at the Christmas presentation.  He’s still trying to figure out life.  How about the little blonde in the middle of the top row?  She just looks so “inspired”, doesn’t she?  She’ll be the teen who goes around the school trying to get you to sign petitions for noble causes.

Hands up!

Hands up!

The children sang some songs and then recited some Bible verses for all of us and then it was time to file over to the side of the stage to wait for their name to be called to get their diplomas.

Three Mouseketeers

Three Mouseketeers

Remember that little redhead I told you about…the one who bounded past Sweet Pea as she was marching into the auditorium and up onto the stage?

The Mix-up

The Mix-up

Well, when the teacher called Sweet Pea’s name, we heard a scuffle off to the side.  Miss Redhead was trying to walk across the stage but the director had just realized that she wasn’t in the correct order and was trying to move her behind Sweet Pea.  The little girl wasn’t too happy about having to wait and Sweet Pea wasn’t going to budge until everything was straightened out.  Finally the girls traded places and the ceremony continued.

Our Graduate

Our Graduate

Sweet Pea got a hug and a diploma from her teacher and then moved to the “X” at the front of the stage where she posed briefly for a picture.  We were lucky.  Many of the children held their diplomas up completely covering their faces.  And while we are talking about covering faces, what’s with that graduation cap?  When Sweet Pea first came out I immediately thought, “Who the heck put that cap on her head?”  It looked like it was jammed down as far as it would go on her head, completely covering her eyebrows and almost obscuring her eyes.  Apparently the teachers decided her cap might fall off and decided to put it on more securely, attaching it with two bobby pins for good measure.  You have NO idea how much self-control it took for me not to run up there and readjust the darn cap.

In His Hands

In His Hands

Speaking of running up, one little girl came bounding across the stage, arms pumping, grabbed the diploma right out of the teacher’s hands before she could even present it to her, didn’t wait for the hug and immediately went to the “X” where she beamed at all present.

“That kid’s going to be running half the committees in the high school in ten years,” I whispered to my son.

Newly Graduated

Newly Graduated

When the ceremony was over, we all filed over to the reception where I was telling Sweet Pea’s other set of grandparents my theory of how you could predict what these children would become based on their little personalities this evening.

Grandpa B. asked me, “So what do you think our granddaughter will be?”

“A free spirit,” I said, without hesitation.  Then I thought about it some more.  “I’m not really sure,” I admitted.  “She’s definitely an observer.  Not much gets past her.”

Yes, I’m not really sure what our little Sweet Pea will be doing or what she will be like in ten years.  She’s changed so much just in the past two years.  One thing I AM sure of is this…it is going to be immensely entertaining and rewarding to watch her continue to grow and mature.  Every moment I’m around to see that is going to be a blessing.

Heading Out for Barbecue

Joe's Bar-B-Q

Joe’s Bar-B-Q

Yesterday was BBQ day here in Texas on my brother’s Greater Houston Tasting Vacation.  We took him down to Alvin, Texas to Joe’s Bar-B-Q.

Pulled Pork Plate

Pulled Pork Plate

We all got the Pulled Pork Plate which came with coleslaw, potato salad and pinto beans.  Here’s a snapshot of my plate.  Yummy-looking, right?

Digging In

Digging In

Here’s my brother ready to dig into his meal.

All Gone

All Gone

Here he is after he finished everything on his plate.  His expression isn’t a reflection of the food.  It’s a reflection of how full he was.

My quick review of Joe’s is as follows:  I found the pulled pork to be a tad greasy for my taste.  Mind you, I usually like greasy things but this was a bit much for me.  I would have rather had the emphasis on the BBQ sauce.   Speaking of the sauce, it was not sweet at all nor tangy.  It was kind of “middlin'”, as my mom would have said.

I always like to go to BBQ places where they have extra BBQ sauce on the tables in “hot,” “mild,” and “sweet” choices.  I always go for the sweet sauce myself just because that’s my preference.  The point is that I like to have the option.  At Joe’s, they fixed up our plates and handed them to us with sauce already on the top of the meat and that was it.  There was no extra sauce on the table.  My brother had to go ask if we could have some extra sauce and they DID come out with 3 extra small bowls of it, which was nice of them.  However, it was all the same sauce.  No variety offered.

I found the potato salad to be rather too “mustardy” for my taste but potato salad is a hard thing to fix to please everyone’s palate.  Frankly, if it’s not made the way Momma used to make it, most folks aren’t going to rate it A+.  I did like the coleslaw.  Usually I like my slaw chopped up pretty fine and super sweet.  This was coarsely chopped and semi-sweet but it was good.  Kudos to Joe’s.

The service was good.  They checked on us frequently so can’t fault them at all for their service.  I’d say the jury is out for me as to whether or not I’ll go back since I only tried the one dish but since there are other BBQ places closer to us that I enjoy, I’ll probably just stick with them.

Tomorrow it’s Tex-Mex again at Chuy’s.  Yummy!

The Aches and Pains of Preparing to Move

Coming Together

Coming Together

We’re getting much closer to putting our house on the market.  It’s been power washed, the new shutters are in place, and the garage door is now painted a crisp white.

Ready for White Towels

Ready for White Towels

The first floor bathroom has been stripped down to the barest essentials and is waiting for me to set out white towels.  Now, I’ve expressed wonderment on my Facebook page as to why anyone would use white towels if they had a choice and I’ve been amazed at the number of my friends who actually use them.  They must be exceptionally clean people.  Here at our house, we get our hands dirty.  Our towels reflect this.  The Commander told me the other day that his mother changed all the towels in the bathroom he and his brother shared to black towels when they became teenagers.  She was tired of trying to get the grime out of her lighter-colored towels.  I haven’t had to resort to that but I do use dark gray towels in this bathroom. However, our stager says to use white towels so we shall put out the white towels when the house is on the market.

Newly Waxed

Newly Waxed


Of course, then there is the floor.  The house was built in 1985 and that’s the original flooring in there.  I’ve scoured it on my hands and knees using Windex, Comet and a scrub pad, scrubbed it with a wire brush, and just plain mopped it and waxed it.  It still looks that way.  Then our stager came to the rescue.  When she told me she was going to clean and wax my floor so that it looked like new, I laughed.  I told her what I’d already done to it.  She just said, “Wait and see.”  Off she went and soon she was back with something called KrudKutter and a liquid wax called Quick Shine.  Here is the result.  It looks a LOT better.  Tonight, after the contractors leave, I’m heading off to buy some for myself and then I’ll give my kitchen floor and the Master Bath the same treatment.  Yowza!

Closets cleaned

Closets cleaned

Closets have been cleaned out and straightened up.  As part of that adventure, we’ve either packed up a lot of our winter coats or we’ve donated the extra ones that we won’t be taking to Texas.



The grandkids have headed back to Texas so we’ve folded up the little picnic table and that has been donated along with many other things that we won’t be moving to our new home.

Staging is well underway

Staging is well underway

Our stager (part of our husband-wife realty team) has been working miracles in the various rooms.  I’ve taken pictures of the various rooms so I’ll remember how everything goes because obviously, the Commander and I move her accessories out of the way when we do things like eat and sleep.  I don’t want to mess up her arrangements so I need a reference to be able to get things back in the right order.

The contractor and his men are completing a few little projects around the house and the final thing (which the Commander is supposed to be calling today to schedule) is the carpet cleaning.  Then the house will be put on the market.    In the meantime, the Commander and I have been lugging boxes to storage, crawling around cleaning baseboards, cleaning windows, cleaning…(well, you get the picture), moving furniture around, etc.  We have aches and pains where we didn’t even know we had muscles.  Honestly, after all this, I feel like taking the dog and heading off and telling the Commander, “Just call me when the house is sold.”  Oy!


No Waiting for a Check

What is It?

What is It?

Today we ran over to Chili’s for lunch after church and we were a bit mystified when we noticed that there was a small monitor sitting on each table.  What in the world was it?  The Commander said, “Maybe we get to watch TV while we wait.”

What does it Do?

What does it Do?

It turns out that you can use this little monitor/tablet to do several things.  You can use it to order another drink, order food, let your wait person know that you need them and you can even play games on it.  Our tablet said that you could play an unlimited number of games on it (from the ones listed) for $.99 while you were there on that visit.

Paying the Bill

Paying the Bill

At the end of our meal, the waitress came over and first checked with us to see if we wanted dessert.  We didn’t.  Then she punched a few tiles on the tablet and said that our bill was showing on it and we would be paying right there at the table, using the tablet.  You swipe your card on the side of it, punch in how much of a tip you want to leave (the tablet helpfully shows you what 10, 15, and 20% would be) and then you pay your bill.  It even gives you the option of splitting the bill.

Choosing a Receipt Option

Choosing a Receipt Option

After paying, we told it how we wanted our receipt.  We could choose to not get one, have one emailed to us (the option we chose and it worked great) or to have one printed.

All in all, it was really a slick little thing and I liked not having to sit around and wait for someone to bring me the bill and then having to wait for someone to come back with our card for us to sign the receipt.  I can also see where it would be very useful if you are dining with a group and wanting to split your bill.  No more whipping out all of those calculators and trying to figure things out on your own.

I heard the waitress telling some folks behind us that the Red Robin restaurants have these and Applebees restaurant chain is getting them soon and others will be following suit.  If you’d like to read more about Ziosk, you can go here and see what might be coming to a restaurant near you soon.

A Dog’s View of Christmas Poses

Dog and Tree


“Ok, ok…I’m sitting here so take the picture already!”

Dog and Tree2

“How about a profile shot?  Does this collar make me look fat?”

Dog and Tree3

“Hey, how many more pictures are you going to take, Mom?”

Dog and Tree4

“Put down that camera NOW or I’m eating the head off of that little angel!”

Kitchen Remodel – Phase Two, Day Three

Walls Spackled

Walls Spackled

Day Three has come to an end and we’re making progress.  As the Commander told our painter, “It’s nice to see something going ON the walls now instead of coming OFF.”

Yes, most of the wallpaper and the backing is now off of the kitchen walls.  I say “most” because there is one patch behind our gas stove that still has to be removed but more on that in a minute.  Our painter finished up the day by applying spackling compound to the wall areas where the drywall had to be repaired.  On Day Four he will be sanding those areas and applying a layer of tinted primer before he begins the actual painting.

Filling Up

Filling Up

We’re continuing to fill up our sunroom (and our living room) with things from the dining room and stove.  Ah, the stove.  Darn, that bugger is heavy.  It’s a gas stove so we really don’t want to have to get the gas turned off.  That meant that we needed to move the stove far enough out of it’s little alcove for the painter to squeeze behind it to remove the rest of the cursed green wallpaper.

Poor Commander!  Have you ever felt really helpless when someone has been trying to move something and you knew you couldn’t really help them?  I don’t have any strength to speak of and I knew I couldn’t provide any additional brute force to move that stove.  It was all on his shoulders (and back and arms).  What I COULD do was slide cardboard under it as the Commander lifted it up, first in the front and then in the back.  That made it a little easier to slide it out on the linoleum.

Blasted Stove Vent!

Blasted Stove Vent!

The next thing that had to be done was to remove the stove vent.  Oh, my…was that ever a chore.  All I could do was hold the flashlight and aim it wherever the Commander directed.  He had all the hard work, trying to contort his body into a small, confined space and then maneuver that power drill up at an odd angle to get LOTS of screws out.  He worked and worked to get that thing loose.  Finally it came down but then it stopped.  Ah, it was attached to a cord going into our wall.

By this point (oh, let’s not kid ourselves – I would have never even gotten to this point) I would have just cut the darn cord but the Commander figured out how to unattach the wires enough to finally thread them through the tiny hole in the back of the whole vent, which he was having to support with one hand while he unscrewed screws with his other hand.

Oh, yes, the screwdriver!  At one point, he sent me downstairs to get a screwdriver.

“What size should I get?” I asked.

“Just get a medium sized flat head screwdriver,” he directed.  “They’re above my workbench.”

I came back up, huffing and puffing.  “That’s just great,” I told him, “if you’re 6’3″ but not if you’re 5’4″ like me and trying to push it UP and out of that holder you have it hanging in.”   He obviously hangs things for HIS height.

By the time he had it all disconnected, his sentences were getting shorter.

“Garage door!”, he huffed.

I was pretty amazed that he stacked it neatly in the garage.  If it had been me, I would have drop kicked it out the back door.

The silver lining in all of this is that we’re going to get a new stove vent.  I’ve been wanting a stainless steel one for some time and, as the Commander told me, “If we get a new one, someone else can put it back in place.”

Amen to that!


Waiting on my Toyota

This is my first time taking my Surface RT out in public. I have to tell you that it was really nice being able to just slip this thin little slip of a computer into my purse and head out the door. In the interest of full disclosure, it WAS a BIG purse; more like a knitting bag/purse but hey, I was able to fit my Surface AND my Kindle Touch AND my normal purse items into it. Just in case I found myself not really enjoying the computing experience on the RT out in the real world, I brought my knitting along, too. I mean, really, that’s a given, isn’t it?

I figured that it was going to be a LONG wait because the van was due to get a complimentary 15,000 mile checkup but also an air-conditioning tune-up because my son thought it wasn’t working properly. In fact, I also had my doubts whether or not it was working properly. At times it seemed to be cooling just fine but other times, it was lukewarm, to say the least. I wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t human error, though. Apparently the technicians at my Toyota dealership suspected as much, too, because the first thing they did was have me sit in the driver’s seat and turn on the climate control as I normally would. Aha! Seems that it was working correctly after all and that I just needed to tweak it a bit, which they patiently explained to me.

I plaintively said to them, as I followed them back to the check-in point, “Gee, this thing has so many controls that I feel like I have to go back to college just to figure them all out. I REALLY miss my little sporty car that I had before this. Not that this isn’t a wonderful van but I only got it to haul the grandchildren around and I have to say that I really miss my little Vibe.”

My technician smiled patiently and said, “I’m sure you do,” as he crossed off the Check air conditioning off of the work order.

So now I’m sitting here in the Techie corner working on this blog post. I had read a lot of criticisms by users who say that the Surface RT isn’t conducive to blogging. Then I stumbled across one user who said that this was incorrect. He mentioned how the Office Word version included on the RT had a template called “Blog Post” that made it easy to compose your posts and to include images. I’m trying out his suggestions today.

I did try to connect to the wireless here but their wireless is hopeless. I didn’t have any problem finding the way to discover available networks using Windows 8. You just swipe from the right and then click on Settings and you’ll see a “bars” symbol and the word “Available” near the bottom. You just touch that and the available networks show up on the charms bar on the right. Then it is a simple matter of picking one and entering the password, if one is required. The available wireless network here for customers is super slow so I finally just gave up and went back to working on this post.

Speaking of working on the post, I’m using the Type Cover and it makes typing up this post pretty sweet. I suspect if I was trying to use the Touch Cover, it would be taking me much longer. That said, I’m still getting used to this keyboard. I spend a lot of time backspacing to get rid of mistakes. Thankfully, I’m a fast typist so even with the backspacing, I’m still making good progress. I have noticed that the keyboard gets rather dirty quickly. I’ve only used the keyboard sparingly for a few days and already it seems to me that it looks like I’ve been using it for a LONG time, judging by the look of the keys. I mean, I don’t have grubby hands or sit and eat greasy food (or any food, for that matter) and then type on my keyboard. I might have to do a little research into cleaning off this keyboard. I DO really like how it has such a low profile and provides a nice protective cover for the face of the Surface.

Well, I just took a little side trip to check on cleaning the keyboard. Seems I’m not the only one wondering how to do this which leads me to believe that it is a common problem since Microsoft has been selling these nifty little keyboard covers. Microsoft’s website says to use a lint-free cloth dampened in soapy water to clean the keyboard but not to get the cover wet. They suggest cleaning your Type Cover frequently but also caution that you should be sure to disconnect it from your Surface laptop before you clean. I guess you’d really have to wring that cloth out to avoid getting any liquid on the keyboard. Others on the forums have suggested special wipes you can purchase or just using a microfiber cloth made for cleaning computer screens. I happen to have a very good microfiber cloth right here and tried it on the keyboard (oh, I first disconnected the keyboard, of course) and it cleaned it somewhat but you can definitely still see where I hit the spacebar and the keys that get the most use.

And now to try inserting pictures from my Microsoft Sky Drive account. It seems to have worked slickly. I just touched my Insert tab and picked Online Pictures and then chose my Skydrive account and then browsed for the pictures I wanted. Next up, I’m going to try to Publish it to my WordPress blog and lets see what happens. Wish me luck.

Preparing the Nest

As I wait (impatiently, I must admit) for our new puppy to be born, I’ve started preparing the house for our little one.  It’s been over 14 years since we’ve had a puppy living with us so puppy-proofing is in order.  I’m also starting a new project.  I’ll give you a sneak peak.  See if you can figure out what it is going to be.  Here is the fabric I picked out at the store the other day.  I must admit that I hadn’t figured on the fact that I probably would want to line this project but I had fabric on hand at home that coordinated, thank goodness.

Today I ironed all of the fabric which I had pre-washed yesterday.  I was a little worried that I might not have enough fabric since I don’t have a pattern for this project but since I was able to pull other fabric out of my stash, I think I’ll be in good shape.

I took careful measurements and then went upstairs to my cutting board with my freshly ironed fabric and proceeded to cut out my pieces.  As with any project, but especially with one that you are doing by the seat of your pants, I measured each piece and then measured one more time before I cut each piece.  It’s so easy to slip up and forget things like seam allowances.

Tonight I started on the trim.  I think it is going to work out ok.  Of course, I only have a vague idea of how I’m going to attach this trim.  I’m more of a “creative – what if….” thinker.  I’m definitely not a spatial thinker so trying to take an idea and turn it into a tangible object is a real challenge for me without a concrete pattern or instructions to follow.

Not to say that I don’t have some idea of what I want the finished project to look like.  However, getting to that point is going to be an adventure.  That’s why I’m stopping for tonight and heading downstairs to knit and watch a show.  I think I need my mind to be fresh to tackle the next step on this creative endeavor.

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