Can I Get a Witness?

My brother's "Dirty" mug

My brother’s “Dirty” mug

Remember me telling you about Puro Caff  the other day and how it works like magic to clean out travel mugs and thermoses?  Well, tonight I was eating supper and my phone “moo’ed” to let me know that I had a text coming in.  It was my brother sending me a picture of his mug.  It was a dirty coffee mug.

Having a Puro soak

Having a Puro soak

The next picture he texted my way showed his mug filled with the Puro/hot water mixture and soaking in his sink.  Ah, I see that he took my endorsement/advice to heart and ordered his own canister of Puro.

All Clean!

All Clean!

Just as we were finishing up our meal, this picture came from my brother.  Looks like Puro did the job.  He texted me that he’d tried “denture cleaner” many times and it had never cleaned his travel mug at all but this stuff worked!

My response?  “Would I steer you wrong?”

‘Nuff said.




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