Brothers! What Can You Do With Them?

Today was quite entertaining watching Spud and Sweet Pea interact, although Spud was having a rough day.  I think the immunization he received yesterday finally was being felt today.  He wasn’t very happy.  However, Sweet Pea was generally sunny.  I got a kick out of her “potty time” at one point.  We looked over at her and she had taken the little toy potty I had brought from home and was sitting on it, contemplating the universe.  Oh, oh….I hope she doesn’t get TOO attached to this particular “potty.”  We have one much better suited for her size just waiting for her to show some interest in it.

This afternoon, Sweet Pea was happily playing in one area of the living room with her cars while her brother was playing with Mommy’s purse.

Spud had pulled himself up on the ottoman and was finding the purse quite fascinating.  It was keeping him relatively happy and entertained so we were happy, as well.

Occasionally he’d lay his little head down, looking like he was trying to gather his strength to play some more.  He was SO tired but he just wouldn’t go down for a nap at all.

Here he is, modeling the latest in “Man-Purses.”  Do you think it will take off for toddlers?

At some point, he noticed his sister’s fascinating toy cars and decided that they were more exciting than a silly old purse so he crawled over to investigate.

Sweet Pea put up with it for awhile but wasn’t very thrilled that he wanted to snatch cars away when they’d whiz past him.

Sweet Pea is a girl of action.  She grabbed his man-purse and threw him to the ground where she felled him with a very impressive body slam.  Not to be outdone, Spud crawled out from under her and proceeded to crawl on top of her and go for her hair.  Ooooh, street fighter!

We adults called a “detente” and peace was restored.  Sweet Pea sat back and contemplated her baby brother.  Little does she know that it won’t be long before she probably won’t have the upper hand if she tries to wrestle him.  We’ll let her discover that all in good time.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t escalate into “flying body slams” in the near future or we’ll have to bring out Vince McMahon out of retirement to referee.

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