Booking It To The Library

Today we took a trip over to the local library.  As most of you know, libraries are near and dear to my heart and I’m thrilled that Mika enjoys books and visiting her library.  PawPaw, Mommy, Mika, little Luke and I all piled in the car and off we went.  Daddy was already at the library working on his graduate studies so he took a study break and joined us in the children’s section while Mika’s mommy headed off to look for some videos to check out.

They have a really nice children’s section at this library with many books to enjoy and furniture scaled for small children.  They also have puzzles and toys that are age-appropriate for the little ones.  Mika made a beeline for the puzzles.  One puzzle features colored cylinders that fit into holes.  That was fine and dandy but Mika created her own game by removing them from the puzzle board and building towers with the cylinders.

Mika was very meticulous about setting the blocks just so and was quite successful in getting them to balance (when she wasn’t taking them to another table and hiding them in drawers).  For awhile there, she had quite a large stash of puzzle pieces tucked away.  But as she’d stick them in the cubby and head back for more, I’d take them out and head back to replace them in the puzzles.  We had quite an assembly line going.  It kept her busy and gave me exercise.

The “hiding” was forgotten when the building fever took over.  She really was building quite a masterpiece and taking such care.  You could just see the wheels turning as she concentrated on setting each piece into place.

When she got the last piece in place, the look of delight on her face was priceless.  “I did it,” she proudly proclaimed.

And as we gathered around to express our admiration for her achievement, we quickly realized that the “moment” was over when she yelled “Smoosh” and gave her tower a good whack, sending the blocks flying. 

Goals are temporary and ever-changing when you are just twenty-months old.

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