Book Signings and Shell Games

Mika, her PawPaw, her Grandpa Byrne, and I went down to Galveston today for a book signing that a friend of her grandpa was holding at a local bookstore.  It was a sweet little bookstore that had its very own “bookstore cat” in it, much to Mika’s delight.  I wish I had gotten a picture of him but I was too busy keeping Mika out of mischief.

“Hi, Nana!”

On the way home, we had promised Mika a trip to the beach so we parked and walked in the sand to the water and Mika and Grandpa Byrne spent some time wading in the Gulf of Mexico (or was it Galveston Bay?)  Mika loves the water and she had fun doing the following things:

Stomping in the sand

Touching the Water
Sitting in the Surf
Searching for Shells

Lest you think that we land-locked Pennsylvanians don’t know how to enjoy ourselves by such a big body of water, let me assure you that we acquitted ourselves in style.  I’m sure we blended right in with all of those tanned, bikini’ed sun-worshipers.

Pennsylvania Beachwear

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Yeah, you look like you blended in. 🙂


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