Birthday Boy and Frosting Girl

It’s little Spud’s first birthday this week and his sister and family celebrated it this past weekend so that his Texas grandpa and grandma could join in the fun, since they’ll be away on his actual birthday.  Little Sweet Pea helped decorate two little cakes in preparation for the party.

When it came time to light the candle and sing, they called us up on Skype so that we could sing along and watch the fun.  Here is what happened.

Sweet Pea:  Happy birthday to you……Happy birthday to you……..
Spud:   What’s going on?  Why is everyone looking at me and singing?

Mommy:  Here, Luke……try some of your birthday cake.  It’s very good.

Spud:  I don’t like this stuff.  Take it away!
Sweet Pea:  Yummy frosting!

Sweet Pea:  Ummmm, REALLY yummy frosting.  I could eat all of the frosting off of this little cake.

Sweet Pea:  No, Mommy….no helping!  This frosting is all mine.  Hands off!

Spud:  Ooh, Mommy and Daddy, is that the iPad?  Is that Nana and Papa?  Can I talk to them?
Sweet Pea:  Nana is SO right.  Frosting IS the best part of the cake.

Spud:  Hi, Nana and Papa!  I just had a green smoothie drink.  It was much better than that birthday cake.
Sweet Pea:  Hgmpthfth!  Can’t talk right now.  Too busy eating frosting.

Spud:  Hey, Daddy….Come see the funny faces that Nana is making on the iPad.
Sweet Pea:  This frosting is SO good that I have to get every bit of it off of my fingers.

Sweet Pea:  (amidst the sounds of everyone saying goodbye via Skype)  Oh, frosting…..sweet, sweet frosting.  Gee, this must be how Pooh feels about honey.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • What fun!

    So glad you can participate in the kidlettes everyday life via Skype!

    Luke is growing into such a cute little boy!


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