Because the Roast Was Too Big

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Ah, I love the ironies of how certain traditions get started.  I’m sure most of you have heard the story of the young woman who always cut her beef roast into several pieces and then put it in the roasting pan until the day when her husband asked her why she didn’t just put the whole roast in to cook.  She said she did it that way because her mother always did it that way.  Off they go to Mama’s house where they ask her why SHE cooked her roast that way.  She had the same answer.  So they all traipse to Great-Grandma’s house and ask her the same question.  “Because I didn’t have a pan big enough to put it in, that’s why,” she answers.

Well, now we have a delightful answer to how the unique style of dancing  known variously as “Celtic Dancing” or “Irish Step Dancing” originated.  I’ve often wondered what influenced that style, one which I have a particular fondness for, but this informational video answers all my questions.  I hope it answers yours as well.  If nothing else, it will bring a smile to your face this morning.

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