Back to Bandung

We took the train today from Jakarta back to Bandung.  It was raining pretty steadily as we headed off and for most of our journey so my pictures show the rainy window and gray sky but you’ll still get a sense of my view from the opposite side of the train from my original trip by train from Jakarta. 

This time I sat on the side that doesn’t have the most picturesque view but it still gives you some glimpses of rice fields and small towns as you go through the countryside.

There was even a chance to glimpse the small village version of rush-hour traffic motorcycle style.

When we started out, we had four seats in two rows, one behind the other.   Jason was able to swing one row of seats around so that we sat face-to-face.

That worked out well.  I was also delighted to discover that the Australian TV show that’s a version of our old “Candid Camera” show was playing on the trip.

Jason and I love that show and we laughed and laughed at the antics on the screen.  Laura and our friend, Anna said that just watching our faces and reactions was better than watching the show.

When we finally arrived at the Bandung train station, Jason manhandled all the luggage out of the overhead rack and we all grabbed the bags that we were responsible for and headed down to the exit.  Surprise, surprise.  It was a big drop with NO steps to the platform.  I tried several times to make the big step down but finally had to settle for sitting on my bottom and siding off to the platform.  Then I turned around to give Laura, our expectant mother, a hand.  She had the baby and several bags as well.  As I was helping her down, the train started moving.  Oh my, she hustled and made it to the platform.   However, by then the train had picked up speed and was going out of the station with Jason and two of our big suitcases still on board.  What to do?

I’ll tell you, that was a helpless feeling.  I don’t know how he got off but apparently he must have thrown the bags off and leaped off as well because the next thing I knew, he was coming back our way.  Then we stood on this narrow strip of cement between two moving trains until they finally cleared out and we were able to make our way across track after track before me got to the station.  I was NOT amused.  But we made it back to the house in the kampung ok.  I had forgotten how noisy it is here.  How COULD I forget? 
Bless Ibu Uiz’s heart!  She had baked banana bread and a carrot cake for us, plus roasted peanuts for us and popped some popcorn as well.  She had also put a plate of cut-up fruit in the fridge and another container of fried noodles for our dinner.  I’ll tell you, she is a gem! 

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Love the photos!

    What an adventure getting off the train! Yikes!

  • I’d have a fit, you must have been frightened for that few minutes until you saw Jason?

    Nice photos even in the rain.


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