A Baby’s View of Thanksgiving Festivities





“Grandpa, just look at me!  They dressed me up in this silly outfit.”

Dad and Josh

“It’s horrible. It says that I’m a little turkey but I’m not.  I’m a little boy!”

(Toto is thinking, “Sheesh, this thing is louder than a cat with it’s tail caught under the rocker.”)

Dad and Josh4

” I mean, REALLY, Grandpa, how would YOU like to wear turkey feathers on your bottom?”

Dad and Josh3

“And just between you and me, we can skip the pumpkin pie and the green bean casserole.  Put me in a camo sleeper and give me a baby bottle and I’ll be a happy baby.”

What do you Think

“So, what do you think,Grandpops?  Can you help a brother out and get me out of these duds?”


“Oh, oh…and while you’re at it, I think you might need to get me into a clean diaper, too.”

Happy Thanksgiving!


  • karyn

    LOL! Great post, Dee. Such a cute little man!


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