Baby’s Got a Brand New Skin

Gelaskin covering the back of my iPad

I’m still playing with my new iPad 2 and the latest accessory I’ve added to it is this nifty new Gelaskin cover for the front and back. 

I first encountered Gelaskins several years ago when I ordered one for my laptop.  I didn’t use one of their stock designs.  Instead I used one of my old photographs of myself as a young girl and added a little slogan and the custom skin came back just as nice as could be.  It still looks brand-new and has protected my laptop cover from scratches most effectively.

This time around I again chose one of my own photographs to upload to the Gelaskin folks and within a week, I received my new custom skin cover for the front and back.  These skins are re-positionable and can be removed without leaving any residue.  How neat is that?

Gelaskin covering the front of iPad

Even cooler, the folks at Gelaskin email you a wallpaper image to go on your device that is perfectly sized to align with the skin border that you will be installing on the front.  Isn’t that neat?

Since I’m a prairie gal, I picked a photo I had taken at Pioneer Village outside of Worthington, Minnesota.  This was inside an old sod house that had been reconstructed onsite and furnished with belongings from early residents of Nobles County, where our farm was located.  That’s one reason the picture is special to me.  The other reason is that I love to spin fiber and when I first spotted the old spinning wheel sitting in the sleeping area, I immediately felt an affinity with the lady of the house who must have spent many evenings spinning wool while listening to the wind howling outside.  I remember reading once that many women in the early days of life on the prairie went mad, a combination of the harsh living conditions, the constant moaning of the wind sweeping across the flat plains, and the loneliness.  But that’s a story for another day.

Smart Cover still fits

The Gelaskin skin covers on the iPad do not interfere with the smart cover at all, which is nice since I also love my Smart Cover even if it isn’t quite as exciting-looking as my custom skin. And to top it all off, I also received my new screen cleaning cloths in the mail today.

These are nice little cloths from Mobile Cloth and boy, do they ever work slick to remove fingerprints from the iPad screen.  For that matter, they also work great to clean the screens of my iPhone, my Kindle, and my Nook.  Yay, a multi-purpose tool!  Even better, they are inexpensive.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play with my toys until it is time for “So You Think You Can Dance.”

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I wanted to know more about the different types of ipad skin covers out there. I am surprised to know how much of their variety is available in stores and online.


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