Baby’s Got a Brand New Case!

My beloved iPhone has a new case.  While I was in Texas, I noticed that its stylish fuschia CaseCrown polycarbonate slider case was starting to deterioriate.  The finish was crackling.  I didn’t like that, although I LOVED the color of the case.  So back I went to research other cases.

I’ve always heard good things about the Otterbox cases.  The buzz is that they provide superior protection and that their design is well-thought out.  What had kept me from getting one in the past was that the cases were rather bulky.  However, I came across the Defender Realtree Hybrid Case and I really liked the design.  It has a hard inner case with a built-in screen protector and then an outer soft silicone cover for that but the thing doesn’t feel like you are holding a military walkie-talkie.

I wasn’t real keen on lots of the color combinations but I DID like this camo-cover.  It comes in several variations.  OK, they could have thrown in a chickadee or two or a deer or a turkey for me but I don’t really mind just the bare-bones trees.  My brother joked around and said, “Gee, if you drop this in the woods, you’ll never find it.”

I told him, “All I’ve have to do is wait for someone to text me and follow the sound of the “moos” or wait for someone to call me and just follow the sound of bagpipes.”

I’m not mechanical at all so I sure would have been up the creek without a paddle if I’d tried to get my iPhone into the case just going by the instructions printed on the inside of the box.  Luckily the company has very easy-to-follow installation videos on Amazon and their website.

I’ve had the case now for a week and am quite pleased with it.  I was wondering how that built-in screen was going to affect my touchscreen but it works as well as it always did.  Everything else fits great.  The cut-out openings in the case are right where they should be and I really feel like my phone is well-protected.  Oh, and it also came with a holster with clip that doubles as a stand.  I don’t plan to use the holster but I might use the stand if I want to view something on my iPhone horizontally.

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