Au Secours!

I headed down the road for church this morning in my “Knitting Nanamobile” to the dulcet strains of French Canadian pop music.  I’d been listening to that Sirius station the other day and that’s why it happened to come up when I turned the radio on.

“No problem,” I thought.  “I’ll just pick another of my preset tiers.”

I hit the Preset button and pressed another of my channel presets.  Huh?  It was the Elvis station which was my No. 2 preset on the previous tier I’d been listening to.  Now I don’t particularly LIKE Elvis music but I’d kind of run out of music that I really wanted to listen to when I was setting up all of my preset channels so this final tier were the “fourth string” of channels, so to speak.

Yikes!  I tried the Preset button again.  Normally it would then allow me to cycle through six different “tiers” of presets with six stations each.  Today, it wasn’t going anywhere.  I was BUMMED!  It’s not that I mind la musique francaise but I’d been listening to it most of yesterday and I was finished with it (fini avec elle).  A crooning Elvis was even worse.  My other choices?  “Hair Nation” – a station devoted to the big hair bands of the ’80’s.  Yeah, that didn’t exactly float my boat either.  I also had some jazz channels that I’d set up on this tier but I can only take jazz in small doses.

When we got home from church and errands, I finagled the Commander into going out to the Nanamobile to see if he could retrieve my other music options.  He was out there for about seven or eight minutes before he headed back inside.

“Did you get it fixed?” I asked.

“It’s fixed, but don’t ask me how I did it,” he replied.

That’s my Commander!  A hunk of burning love!  Il est bon!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • You have so many gadgets! It’s a good thing your Commander is so good with them!


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