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We’re in the final countdown until our second grandbaby arrives.  It’s the stage where we jump every time the phone rings.  Could this be it?  Are they on their way to the hospital? They don’t have to worry about finding someone to watch little Mika since her Texas grandparents are right there, as are several aunts.  The crib is assembled and a bag is semi-packed.  We’ve reminded them to take a camera.  So now we wait!

While we wait, I’ve been going through some boxes of old photographs.  Today I found my old baby book.  I had not been able to remember exactly how much I weighed when I was born when my son asked me the other day but this cleared up the mystery.

I had to chuckle as I looked through the book because it was not indicative of my mother’s over-achieving nature.  She had filled out very few pages.  In fact, I found some pages where it was pretty obvious that I had filled out my own pages back when I was about 12-years old.  How is this for an impressive life’s ambition?

There are plenty of pages that I could still fill out in my “Log o’ Life” book, which was cleverly designed to document a child’s life from birth to the grave.  There’s even a page set aside for “Old Age Photo.”  Boy, you wouldn’t dare market a baby book like this to Baby Boomers now.  I just read an article today that said we don’t even like to be called “Seniors.” 

Luckily, the newest little niblet due to arrive will have a Nana who loves to document life’s events in pictures and commentary.  With any luck, neither child will complain about a lack of documented memories sixty years from now. 

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