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The Commander and I traveled down into Maryland this weekend to meet up with our daughter and son-in-law to celebrate her birthday together.  I have to admit that I almost started to hyperventilate as we took the exit ramp to get to the restaurant that we were going to meet them at.  You see, this is the same exit ramp that we used to take on our way down to Bethesda for my chemotherapy.  The same two fast food places are still there at the bottom of the ramp where we’d stop on our way down for a quick breakfast.  I can still remember the feeling of dread that would wash over me, realizing that I was halfway to the hospital, knowing what waited for me.  Isn’t that nuts?  That was 20 years ago and something like this can still trigger those feelings as if it was yesterday.  Luckily I pulled it together and we went on to have an enjoyable dinner with our family.

We enjoyed a nice buffet and then it was time for Laura to open her present.  Since she had hinted that she might want a Kindle (first time she’s ever shown an interest in an e-reader), of course I couldn’t resist presenting her with one.

Unfortunately, there was a short shipping delay up on Amazon if I had decided to go with the graphite colored Kindle so I went ahead and ordered her a plain vanilla white Kindle.  I just wasn’t sure that the other color would get here in time. 

I also gave her a list of all the books that are currently on my Kindle account.  Since the Kindle is currently registered to my account, she can access any of my titles.  We’re a 4-Kindle family and all of us can thus draw from the pool of titles that we purchase since they are all registered in my account.  It’s been particularly nice for our son and daughter-in-law over in Asia since they can email me what titles they’d like downloaded to their device and within a matter of a few minutes, they have books to read.  Of course, if Laura wants, she can always take her Kindle off my account and register it to her alone.  It’s up to her. 

I had brought my own Kindle along to show her the nifty cover that I have for it (the one that Amazon designed with its own pull-out light) and to show her some of the features of the Kindle.  She told me that she also has a co-worker who has a Kindle (another multi-Kindle owner) and he has been raving about the Kindle to her for months now so she’ll have another person to help her out if she needs a few pointers.

Just imagine — that little device can hold 3500 books.  I still find that almost unbelievable.  I know she’ll really enjoy it at home and on trips.  In fact, by the time we arrived home, there was already an email waiting for me from her with a list of titles that she wanted me to order and have downloaded to her device along with a gift certificate to cover the cost.  Yes, I think she’s definitely getting into the Kindle spirit of things.

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