Another Birthday for Our Baby

Happy birthday to our firstborn!  Yes, our daughter is celebrating her birthday today.  I won’t tell you how old she is but I AM having lots of fun teasing her.  My goodness, it really does seem like just a few years ago that the Commander was driving me to Bethesda’s Naval Hospital as we timed my contractions.  And I was so prepared.  I had brought a book that was almost 4 inches thick with me, thinking that I’d get it read while I waited for her to be born.  Ha!

Our little monkey had us wrapped around her little finger almost from Day One —that is, when she wasn’t scaring the bejeezus out of us with her projectile vomiting and marathon crying jags.  We weren’t too sure if we should duck, cry ourselves, or wave a white flag in those early weeks.  Finally, her pediatrician discovered that she was allergic to milk.  Ah!  Soy formula to the rescue.

My mom was the first relative to visit us after she was born and she was a regular presence in her life as she grew.  Both of our children adore their grandmother.  She has had more fun teaching them the joy of reading, songs from her school days and childhood, and helping them discover the wonderful world of imagination.

On her first birthday, I discovered that she was going to have a sibling.  Of course, she was totally unaware of this as she sat on the floor and dumped her cake over and then proceeded to sit on the slice.  We’ve always been a family who have embraced our food.

Her little brother was born 20 months after her birth and it has been so much fun to watch the two of them grow up together.   “Little brother” usually got roped into whatever adventure his sister was dreaming up, and she had quite the imagination. 

Our girl had a strong personality from the moment she made her entrance in the delivery room and she kept us hopping over the years.  We never had to guess what she was thinking or feeling.  Not surprisingly, this character trait has turned out to be a real strength in her professional career.  She is not only brainy but able to supervise and motivate but don’t try to take advantage of her.  She doesn’t pull any punches at work if she feels you aren’t doing your job.

The Commander and I were eating at a Burger King just the other day and I said to him, “Do you remember when we had that birthday party for Laura at a Burger King?”  I can remember it like it was yesterday – wearing those silly crowns.

Happy Birthday, Laura!  We’ve been so blessed to have you as our daughter.  As your grandmother would say, “Look up, Laugh, Love, and Lift!”  We love you, Monkey!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Time flies doesn’t it. What a wonderful account of through the years. I notice the linoleum floor so she must be just a little bit older than my oldest who is 28.


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