An Empty Nest Easter

Did you all have a nice Easter weekend?  We crammed in a wedding in New Jersey on Saturday.  One of my former student workers got married so we made the long drive over to help celebrate in her happiness.  I was so happy that she found a young man who is a strong Christian.  Jane and I used to joke that I was her “Pennsylvania Mom” when she was attending college here.  So I still have a big soft spot in my heart for her.

On Easter Sunday, we headed off for church and enjoyed all the fellowship and celebration of serving a risen Lord.  After church, the Commander and I had decided to just go out to eat.  It didn’t seem worth making a big Easter dinner for just the two of us.

When the chicks have left the nest, we’re finding that a lot of our previous family traditions are getting set aside for newer, more streamlined versions.  Anyway, the Commander called the restaurant to see if they accepted “call-ahead seating.”  He reported back to me that we should be fine.  “When the lady says, ‘Hon, you’ve got nothing to worry about.  Come on over’, I guess we won’t have any problem with waiting,” he chuckled.

Indeed, we didn’t have any wait when we arrived.  In fact, we were the only car in the parking lot.  Wow!  Our waitress told us that she had opened up the restaurant at 10 a.m. and we were her first customers at 12:30 p.m.  I guess most folks were eating Easter dinner with their families at home.

After lunch, I headed over to the nursing home to visit with Mom.  I greeted her with the familiar Easter phrase “He is risen”, expecting her to reply, “He is risen indeed.”  Instead she smiled and said, “That’s wonderful.”

“No, Mom,” I said.  “Don’t you remember?  Every Easter, when the pastor says “He is risen’, all the congregation is supposed to reply “He is risen indeed.”

“Oh, OK,” she said.

We had a nice visit and I read some more of our current book to her and then I wheeled her back to her room.  As I left, I gave her a big hug and said, “See you on Tuesday.  And remember…..He is risen.”

“That’s great,” she said, smiling pleasantly.  Ah, well!

 Later that evening our daughter called us to chat.  She and her hubby were grilling BBQ chicken outside and getting ready to enjoy their Easter dinner.

“What, no ham?” I asked.

“Mom, you know I don’t eat ham,” she countered.  “What’s wrong with BBQ chicken?”

“Absolutely nothing,” I replied.  “It’s just that most people have ham on Easter.  What’s for dessert?”

There was silence.  “Nothing,” she said.  “Well, maybe we’ll have a cookie.”

“Bummer,” I thought.  “Not even any Easter bunny candy.”
But that’s probably why our daughter always looks so good and why I’m always trying to lose weight.  Gee, come to think of it, the Commander and I hadn’t had any dessert at the restaurant, either.  Guess the Easter bunny and all those high-caloric treats is another holiday tradition that has gone along with the children. 

What is the world coming to when I feel like I have to go mug a kid to get a peanut butter egg?  Happy Easter!

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