An “ABC” Week

Whew!  What a week this has been.  I drove out to Michigan the latter part of last week to help my brother list things on Ebay that we had boxed up from our childhood home several years ago.  That’s what I’ve been doing all this week…..emptying tub after tub of “things”, photographing them, researching them online, writing up descriptions, and then listing them on Ebay IF they are remotely worth doing so.  It’s been a very time-consuming, messy, and draining process.  So my Fave Five post this week is going to be centered on that but not entirely because the FIRST part of my “ABC” week has nothing at all to do with Ebay.

1.  “A” stands for “Anniversary.”  Yesterday the Commander and I celebrated our 31st anniversary.  One of my bridesmaids commented that she couldn’t believe that so many years have gone by since that day back in Nea Makri, Greece.  Well, neither can I.  It’s been a great 31 years and I sure am looking forward to many more, Lord willing.

2.  “B” stands for “Berry Pie.”  My sister-in-law, Rose, is a wonderful cook.  She whipped this pie up the other day from scratch, making up the recipe as she went.  It has blueberries, peaches, and strawberries in it and the crust was made out of gingersnaps.  Yummy!

“B” also stands for “Boy Scout Badges.  When I was going through tubs, I came across a bunch of Boy Scout patches, pins, and badges belonging to my brother.  We had lots of fun looking over the badges that he had earned (AND not sewn on his sash).  He’s a real marksman and it was interesting that back in 1968 he had earned a badge in Rifle and Shotgun Shooting.

3.  “C” stands for “Cameras.”  Our mom was a real camera nut.  One of her big hobbies was photography.  She went through cameras like some women go through shoes, always buying a new one when it caught her eye.  Consequently, we had a BIG tub of old cameras, lens, and filters to go through this week.  How about this beauty?  Some of the workmanship on these old cameras is pretty amazing.

4.  “D” stands for “Depression Glass.”  I found some lovely pieces of Depression Glass in the tubs.  This is a cake platter in the Jeannette “Iris and Herringbone” pattern.  It was chipped so I’m taking it home.  I really like it and I don’t care if there is a little chip on it.  It will do just fine to put a cake on.

5.  “E” stands for “Everything” holding a memory.  From old rolling pins and flour sifters to my old set of Army fatigues, it has certainly been a trip down Memory Lane.  Just last night, we opened up a tub and there sat all of my dad’s hand tools from his little basement workshop.  Gosh, Dad died 31 years ago and it was like he had just walked into the room.  So I guess you could say that “E” has also stood for “emotional” this week.  It’s been an interesting time.

What have been the highlights of your week?  To read other folks’ Fave Fives, visit Susanne’s blog at Living to Tell the Story.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Oh Dee, I know this was a Draining week for you. I know that God has sustained you through it. I hope you’ll have some time to spin up some Fiber soon and relax a little.

    How many more days of E-bay prep?

    And Happy Anniversary to you! Married in Greece???

  • Happy anniversary!!

    That pie sounds scrumptious. I like the ginger snap crust idea. I usually use graham wafers but I’m going to try your idea. Especially with peaches – yummy!!

    You have some interesting items there! Hope you do well selling them.

    Happy weekend!

  • Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

    The pie looks and sounds delicious!

    I know several people who collect old cameras and love a find like that collection of your mom’s. Awesome.

  • Really, what a way to spend a week! I hope the sweet memories made all the hard work worthwhile.

    I LOVE that depression glass plate! I’ve never seen one of that pattern – and my MIL has several pieces.

    The pie looks and sounds delicious.

    And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Greece, eh? That sounds like it might be an interesting story.


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