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“My son once told me, “Mom, you love change.”  He was so right.  If I find myself locked into a situation or place or routine, I’ll often create chaos just to force change.  It’s how I’m wired. For example —

This morning, I was reading through one of my magazines and was intriqued by an article on a plug-in for bloggers called Zemanta.  It is available as a free download from their website or you can choose it as a gadget for Blogger, in my case, since this blog uses the Blogger host.  I’m sure it is available through WordPress, as well.  Now with Blogger, apparently gadgets are going to be discontinued when Blogger goes to a new format but Zemanta has already come up with a work-around for that.  You can install Zemanta as a browser extension and continue to use its features that way.

So what ARE its features?   Well, as you start writing your blog posts, Zemanta starts suggesting pictures that might go along with what you are writing.  You’ll see those pictures on the right in your “Zemanta Assistant” box.  You can hover over each one with your mouse and it will tell you the source and any copyright restrictions attached to it.  If you find one you want to use, just drag and drop it into your post.  I have to laugh, though.  Since Zemanta is scanning your writing and keying in on certain words, it can come up with some funny choices.  For example, since I wrote about liking “change,” this is one of the pics, it suggested.

Radical cheerleaders at a climate-change action.Image via Wikipedia
Radical Cheerleaders at a Climate Change Conference”

Yup, that would be me….dancing around as a “radical cheerleader” for change.  But wait, there’s more…..  Zemanta also suggests related articles that you might want to include at the end of your posts.  You can hover over them and see a short excerpt from each one with a “read more” link to click on if you want to go check it out before including the link in your post.  I’d highly recommend this.  Some of the blogs I visited were barely literate.  Others were quite helpful.

Zemanta also provides in-text links that you can pick and choose from.  How nifty is that?  I’ll be exploring more things that you can do with Zemanta in the future and will report back to you as I find new things it can do.  Stay tuned!

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