Almost Ready!

Well, we’re getting down to the wire as I prepare for my journey to Indonesia.  My bags are just about packed with the exception of a few things to go in my carry-on luggage.  The big suitcase sitting on the floor is almost completely filled with things going to my son and his family.  The small duffle bag suitcase has 5 weeks worth of clothes in it (am I optimistic on this or what?) and the wheeled tote will be filled with my meds and electronic gear.

Some things did NOT make the cut (dolls excluded – they weren’t going to begin with).  It’s unfortunate but I consulted with my little family overseas and we made compromises.  In some cases, where I had multiple amounts of something, I included part and left some behind.  In other cases, we are figuring that I can either mail these items to them when I return or they can stay here until the next time they are Stateside. 

Now I’m just going around the house making sure I haven’t forgotten something.  I’ll get out the purse I’m taking and get that organized tonight.  I do feel a little bad that this little Christmas decoration is probably the only holiday decorating that will be found in our house.  I don’t think that the Commander will be putting up any other things in my absence.  Oh well, maybe we can have a small “belated holiday celebration” upon my return.

Hopefully the next blog posting will be from Jakarta, enroute to Bandung.  In the meantime, if I cross your mind, say a prayer for safe travels.  It would be much appreciated.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Safe travels Dee!!!!

  • Love those suitcases! They should be easy to spot on the luggage carosels!


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