All in a Toddler’s Day

Let’s Play Paper Airplanes!

Jason and I decided to show little Mika how to make paper airplanes and fly them.  I have to admit that Jason’s airplane flew a lot better than mine did.  I guess you could say that his was a private jet and mine was a C-5 cargo plane, big and clunky.

Maybe if I help it get a running start…

Jason and I would throw the planes down the hallway and then Mika would run after them and bring them back.  “Again,” she’d shout.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

It worked great to work off some of her energy until the planes started to crash.  Even Jason’s plane took one too many nosedives into the wall.  It didn’t seem to faze Mika any, though.

“Repair, Mika, not eat!”

I don’t think Mika is going to get a job with Lockheed any time soon though, especially if she puts down on the application that she likes to tear airplanes apart and eat them.  Yikes!  Time to move on to a new activity.

Driving cars around the little neighborhood

Laura had a cute little mat with streets, buildings, and road signs printed on it so she laid it on the floor and brought out Mika’s toy cars.

Creating some business for the tow truck

She and Mika “drove” the cars through the streets and to different businesses enroute until Mika decided it was time to crash the cars and do some towing.

Let’s create an earthquake.

Then, no doubt because she had heard talk of the earthquake on the East Coast, she decided to shake things up and create an earthquake in the neighborhood.

“Look at those cars go!”

Even that fun paled after awhile and then we scrambled to come up with some other ideas.

“Shall we drive this car to the hospital?”

Being a typical “almost two-year-old,” many of our suggestions were met with “No.”  Although I am finding out that “no” doesn’t always mean that.  In fact, it is sometimes just an automatic response at this age and if you do whatever it was you were suggesting, a toddler will often get interested, despite their initial objections.

“I’m reviewing my options.”

“What should I get into do next?”

Then Mika spotted my camera and decided to come over for a closer look which led to her desire to take some pictures herself.  Thus we have this great shot of Nana’s feet.  Hey, she did pretty well, at least until she started pressing the setting buttons which not even I have totally figured out and then I decided it was time to put the camera away.

But not before I got this snapshot of the Commander and grandson, Luke who were practically twins today.  All “PawPaw” needed were some matching teddy bear footies.

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  • Aren’t toddlers fun? Today I have Toddlers X4 for quadruple the fun.

    Love the photo of Paw Paw and Luke!


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