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My belated Christmas present from my daughter arrived last week – a handmade leather case from Oberon for my Kindle Touch.  Prior to its arrival, I was using a case made by Lightwedge called the Verso Prologue Antique Case, seen above.  There was nothing wrong with that case.  It was quite nice, in fact.  But Oberon cases are a work of art.

These Oberon cases are all handmade out of leather in wonderfully unique designs.  This one that I chose is called the “Celtic Hounds” design.  It is actually a “sleeve” instead of a case.  In other words, my Kindle Touch slides into it.

When I’m ready to read, I slip my Touch out and read it naked….well, the Kindle is naked, not me.  I’d forgotten how tiny and lightweight these Kindles are because I’ve always used them in cases.  It’s a very freeing experience to read one that isn’t weighted down in a case.  Of course, that means that I have to be careful to not sling it around carelessly or drop it but I’m a pretty careful person with my e-readers.

Once you slip the Kindle into the sleeve, there is a flap that folds over the top of the opening and it is secured magnetically.  I had a twinge at first, wondering if the magnet would cause any problems but it has not.  On the back of the sleeve, on the other end of the tab, is a stamped pewter buckle.  I noticed that they have revised the design just a tad and the top of the sleeve now is scalloped and this pewter buckle has a celtic knot design on it.  Cool!

The Kindle Touch in its new sleeve is the perfect size to slip into my purse when I’m heading out the door.  The sleeve protects it just fine.

I highly recommend any Oberon product.  I’ve purchased cases for other Kindle products from them in the past and they are still just as beautiful as the day I unpacked them.

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