A Tale of Two Cakes

What a difference a year makes!  Last year, I went to Indonesia and was able to celebrate my granddaughter’s first birthday with her.  Being the cake-lover that I am, I thought she’d be a “sliver off the old layer cake”, so to speak, and be equally as thrilled with her first cake.  Boy, was I wrong.

She took a taste or two of the cake and it looked promising at first.

Then she seemed more interested in the spatula then in the cake.

Then she gave us a look as if to say, “Ugh….are you guys trying to poison me with this stuff?”

She handed that spatula back over to us lickety-split and then……

She took off and didn’t look back.  Her daddy and I had to eat more than our fair share to make up for her disinterest.  Such sacrifices we make!

THIS year, Mika was back in the States and once again, I was incredibly blessed to be able to celebrate her 2nd birthday with her.  She was really excited this time about getting presents AND having a birthday cake.

She bailed Grover and Elmo out of their plane before we had ever cut the cake and then leaned over and took a chomp out of the side of the cake before I could snap off another camera shot.

She tried the old “finger in the frosting” technique and employed it liberally until we brought out the silverware and plates.

She showed us that two-year-olds are much too grown up to be using spatulas and can feed themselves now.

She showed Nana exactly what she thought about having to interrrupt her cake eating in order to smile for the camera.

And she debated how to wipe her face while still stuffing more cake into her mouth.  Ah, yes….little Sweet Pea seems to have inherited her Nana’s love of cake after all.  Balance has been restored to the universe.  Happy birthday, Mika!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Isn’t it amazing how much difference a year makes in a small child? I’m glad you got to celebrate her birthday again this year.


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