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Where’s My Quilt, Nana?

I am fast running out of time when it comes to finishing a quilt for my little pippin, Luke.  We’ll be heading off to visit him soon and I want to have it in hand when we go but it isn’t even pieced together yet.  Ah, over-achiever that I am, I seem to think that this is no problem.

Many Hands Make Light Work

I’ve collected as many family hand-prints as possible, either in person or begging via email.  I know that I’m missing some key ones but time has run out.  Therefore the quilt will be made without them and I can always add them later on pillowcases or later quilts.

Hmm, Which Fabric to Use?

I’ve picked out my fabrics and my pattern and now comes the fun part of matching hands to design elements and to fabric colors.

What’s a quilt without a few modifications?

I’ve had to come up with a few modifications for this quilt.  The original design called for the hand-prints to be made from fabric paint and then accented with things like rick-rack, buttons, etc.  However, I decided that fabric paint would dry too stiff and abrasive for a baby’s delicate skin and buttons would not be safe for such a young child.  I’ve decided to cut the hands out of fabric and to zig-zag around them by machine.  I’ll make “eyes” out of felt or fabric instead of buttons and attach them the same way – via zig-zag stitch.

Time to Fire Up the Sewing Machine!

I’m just about finished cutting hands out of fabric and attaching them to my blocks.  The next step is cutting out my quilt strips and sashing.  Then I need to assemble the quilt, layer it with batting and backing, begin zig-zagging around the hands, sew the accents on the blocks,and finish quilting the whole shebang before hand-sewing the binding around the edges.

Oh, did I tell you that this all has to be done in one and a half weeks?  No problemo!  Stoke me up with some creme-filled donuts and I’m good to go.

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