A Smashing Good Time

Today was Palm Sunday so we got up bright and early and went downstairs for breakfast, hoping to beat the morning crowd in the hotel.  We shouldn’t have worried.  There were only two other people down there.  After breakfast, we headed over to the Trinity Baptist Church, a church that Laura had found on the internet while doing some research on the area before we came down here.  She had discovered that they were going to be having their Easter cantata today so she thought it would be nice to see it.

We were pretty amazed when we pulled into the parking lot.  The whole church complex filled up a large area.  There were a lot of buildings and parking lots on both sides of the street.  Laura had thought she was picking a smaller church instead of a mega-church.  I guess by southern standards, this isn’t a mega-church.  But goodness, it’s huge when you compare it to Baptist churches in our area.  When we got inside, most of the sanctuary was filled but we found a spot and settled down.  Then the choir filed in and they just kept marching in and marching in.  They had a huge choir.  The organist and pianist could have been professional musicians (and indeed, perhaps they were).  They were outstanding.  The cantata was lovely.  With that many voices, the music was magnificent.

After church, we went out to the car and backed out of our parking spot and were waiting at one of the cross aisles to pull out (there were a lot of cars leaving the lot) when I felt a jolt and the car lurched forward a bit.  “Oh, oh,” I thought.  I looked to my right and there was a small sedan partially backed out of their parking spot and sitting on my daughter’s bumper.  They had backed up right into her car.  We got out and the other couple got out.  They were an elderly couple and seemed a little confused.

The husband, who had been driving, said, “I thought you had already pulled out.”

“No,” said Laura. “I was waiting for cars to pass so that I could safely pull out.  I’m going to need your insurance information.”

The wife looked at us and said, “We don’t have that right now.  We’ll have to take your name and number and call you with it.”
I told them that we’d need their information now because we weren’t from around here, but were just visiting.  “You must have your insurance information, don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh, no,” she replied.  “We don’t carry that sort of thing.”

I just looked at her.  “Surely you must have that information with your car registration.  Most people do.”  She started rifling through her billfold.  I gently suggested that perhaps she might want to look in her glove compartment.

She finally looked in there and didn’t find any car insurance papers but DID find her car registration and thank goodness that it had their insurance information on the form.  So we were able to copy that down.    As we got back in the car, Laura told me, “I’m pulling out NOW.  I don’t trust him not to back up immediately and hit me again.”  So it was an eventful church visit.

After a nice lunch, we went to the local flea market which is held in the State Fairgrounds.  It was one of those that feel more “flea” than “Market” to me so I didn’t really find any treasures that I couldn’t live without.  Then we did a little shopping in some local malls, stopped for Starbucks on the way back to the hotel and did a little driving around to see what else was in our immediate vicinity —- (furniture stores).  Now we’re back here chilling until it is time to head out for supper.  Tomorrow we’re planning to visit two museums in town.  Until then, hope you had a good Palm Sunday. (photo of cross courtesy of Photos8.com)

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