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I’ve been using the BookBook case for my iPad 2 and it’s been fine, for the most part.  However, it does have a few clunky features that the Commander has found annoying and I’ve had to agree with him.  So, in an effort to find a workable compromise, I went back to the drawing board (re: Amazon) and started searching again for another case.  What I decided on was the iPearl Folia Cover Case with a built-in stand and handstrap.  You can see the details here on Amazon.  I even found it in a lovely spring green color that I love.

It arrived today and I wasted no time putting my iPad 2 into it.  That was very straightforward.  On the one side that isn’t attached to the back cover, you just unfold the flap and slide in your tablet and then fold the flap back under the iPad.  There is a cut-out on the back for the camera and all the buttons are easily accessible.  The cover is designed in such a way that it automatically puts your iPad to sleep when you close the cover and wakes it up when you open it back up.

On the left inside cover are two features. The one on the right is the handstrap, which I’ll discuss later in this post.  The one on the left is the flap that opens for propping it into a position for typing.  You can’t see it in this picture but the flap has clear plastic on the front of it that is separated into two sections that are the right size for business cards (or, as one reviewer up on Amazon mentioned) credit cards).

This is how the flap looks when it is raised up.  It can only be opened so far because it is secured with a ribbon strap.

The picture above shows the case set up in the “typing mode.”  I gave it a quick try in one of my apps that uses a lot of typing and at first, I found myself making a lot of mistakes because I found the edge of the case getting in my way.  However, once I rested my wrists on the table surface (which was easy to do given the height and angle of the case), I easily was able to accurately type.  Usually I would NOT type this way as it is ergonomically incorrect for long term typing but hey, I don’t know many people who do production typing on an iPad.  I think for normal tablet typing, you’ll be fine unless you REALLY have a problem with carpel tunnel syndrome.

There is another tab on the back of the case that can be utilized to put your tablet into a position for reading horizontally.  You fold the cover over and slip it under the little tab.  The cover has a bendable spot that folds it at just the right place to do this.

Here is my iPad looking at it from the front when it is set up in the reading position.  It’s really at a nice level for reading on a table, leaving your hands free to swipe, point, touch, or whatever.  For that matter, you can also easily play games in this position, too, if you prefer.

Now if you want to use your iPad in a vertical position, there isn’t a hinge that allows you to place it into a “hands-free” position.  You still have to hold it but that’s where the handstrap comes into play.  You just fold the left side of the cover back, slip your hand under the elasticized handstrap and you can hold it easily.

A few other features:  There is an elastic band that you can slip over the cover to hold it shut when you aren’t using the iPad.  The cover is leather, according to the manufacturer, although you couldn’t prove it by me.  It doesn’t smell like leather to me (I’m a saddle kind of girl) but I’ll take their word for it.  The inside is a nice soft gray suede fabric.  The cover comes with a touch screen stylus pen that slips into a handy little loop on the side of the case.   I used the pen (which isn’t actually a pen but rather a pointer-like device with a foam end) and it worked great on the surface of the iPad.

Best of all, the iPearl Cover Case is a very reasonable price.  I paid $17.99 for my case.  That’s a bargain in my book.

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