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When my iPhone 4S was on order, I blogged about my search for the right case/cover for it.  The result was the BookBook case shown above.  It seemed perfect for someone who loved reading as much as I do.  But then I got my iPhone and started using the case.  Alas, it wasn’t as perfect as I had hoped.  The size and weight was great, it felt just right in my hand, and the protection it offered my phone was wonderful.

The drawbacks were several major ones that I just couldn’t get around.  The main drawback was the fact that there was no cut-out for the rear-camera.  Whenever I wanted to take a picture, I had to undo the tab at the top (cleverly disguised to look like a bookmark) and push the phone up partially from the bottom of the case until it cleared the holder enough for the camera lens to be usable.  The second drawback was when I wanted to talk on the phone, I had to fold the cover back onto itself and hold it that way while I talked.  It felt stiff and awkward.   The BookBook case also was advertised as being usable as a wallet/credit card carrier.  I knew from reading reviews that it wouldn’t hold many cards.  But if I put three cards in there, it was very difficult to push out the one in the clear vinyl.  I guess the thought was that you could just keep an ID there and flash it at folks who ask for an ID instead of having to take it out all the time.  Also, if I put several bills in the wallet part, I could barely pry the credit cards out because it made things so tight.  In all fairness, it would probably loosen up over time since it is made of leather.

So I did some more research and finally settled on a colorful CaseCrown Glider case for my iPhone and I’m quite pleased with it.   I love the color, it feels wonderful, and I can easily put it in my special FM transmitter device that I use to listen to podcasts and music through my car’s stereo.  That left me with the BookBook case.  Should I try to sell it?  I REALLY liked its uniqueness and the feel of it.  What to do?

I decided to adapt it to hold my miscellaneous credit cards, ID cards, and store cards. I have so many of these darn things that they don’t all fit in my regular wallet, which I reserve for the really important cards like my driver’s license, military ID, debit card, bookstore card, and insurance cards.  I WAS using a separate wallet for the other cards but it was bulky and took up space in my purse.  Looking at the little BookBook, I decided it would be perfect for these auxiliary cards.

I took the little “dummy iphone box” that had come with the case, cut off the top end, reinforced the sides with packing tape, and voila!  I now had a perfect little container to hold my extra cards.  In they went.  The velcro tab that was designed to hold the phone in place works perfectly to keep the cards from sliding out. I can also put several cards that I use more frequently on the other side of the case in the card slots.

My new system has been working great.  It’s perfect for its new use.  In keeping with the literary theme of the case, “All’s well that ends well.”

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