A Note That Was Priceless

Last night I was surprised to find an email in my in-box from a former student of my mom.  He was wondering how she was doing so I fired off an email filling him in on the last 7 or so years since Mom moved into an assisted living facility here and then eventually into a local nursing home.  I mentioned that I was planning to go visit her today and that I would be sure to pass on his greetings to her.

Well, this morning as I checked my email prior to heading off to see Mom, there was another email from Mom’s student.  It was a very nice letter from him, expressing his appreciation for the things she had taught him all those years ago in his third grade class.  He went on to tell her how the love of reading that she had encouraged in him had not only impacted his own life, but also the lives of his children and continues to impact the lives of his grandchildren.  Then he told her about his family and what he is doing now and included a nice picture of his extended family.

That letter just made my mom’s day.  She was a teacher for 35 years and I can truthfully say that she invested 100% of herself in each one of her students.  She didn’t do it for any fame or recognition but simply because of her love for learning and her sincere concern that each child under her tutelage would have the chance to live up to their full potential.  I think that investment has paid off in more ways than she will ever know.

When was the last time that YOU sat down to call or write someone who made a difference in your life?  Why not celebrate the arrival of Spring by doing so this week?  It’s a wonderful way to spread a little sunshine.

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