A Memorial Donation Conundrum

The Family Gathers

The Family Gathers

Mom’s memorial service is tomorrow and the family is gathering.  Our son flew in yesterday.  My brother and nephew arrived today and our daughter drove up with the dogs this afternoon.  Our son-in-law will join us tomorrow.

As usual, when our family is together, we all get a little giddy.  This is a good thing because the thought of Mom’s service happening so soon was really starting to get to me.  I need this distraction.  So we’ve been playing cards and telling stories and laughing up a storm.

Happy pups

Happy pups

Even the dogs have been excited.  Toto was beside herself when her “cousins” arrived today.  She was chasing them all over the house.  When she wasn’t chasing them, she was stealing their bones.  They should all sleep well tonight.

How to Cash This?

How to Cash This?

Family and friends have been so wonderful in sending sympathy cards, calling, or writing  down their memories of Mom.  There have been memorial donations received.   However, this particular one had us a little stumped.  We weren’t sure just how to cash the check in order to donate it.  Today I had the bright idea to take my brother with me over to my bank, along with a copy of the obituary and my power of attorney to prove that John and I are indeed the “family of Margie Loose” so that we could get it cashed as long as he was here.  Then I could pass it on to our church.

We walked up to the teller and I told her, “We have a bit of a conundrum for you.  My mother just passed away and we received this memorial check but we aren’t too sure how to endorse it.”

I showed her Mom’s obituary.  “See, here it shows that I’m one of the surviving children and this (I gestured to my brother) is her son,” I say, showing her the obituary section that lists the relatives.  “And here is the Power of Attorney that lists me as her daughter, although I know it is no longer valid, ” I hasten to explain.

She looks things over and says, “Really, with  this small an amount, no one will question it.  Let me see your account card and then you can endorse it.”

I show her my card and then sign the back of the check.

“What would you like to do with it?” she asks.

“Get Blizzards,” my brother chimes in.

“NO!” I say, shocked.  “We’re going to donate it to my church, you idiot.”

“Blizzards,” he says.

“Really,” I assure the teller, who is looking at me and seems not quite sure if she should laugh or not, “we’re going to donate this to my church in my mother’s memory.  Just ignore my brother.  Do you see what I’ve been putting up with since he got here?”

At this point, my DAUGHTER, the traitor, chimes in with , “Yup, Blizzards.”

We make a quick exit as I try to reestablish some semblance of control.

We head over to Dairy Queen next and NO, we aren’t using the money from the check for the Blizzards.  My daughter buys them.  She’s expecting and she’s craving them.  Apparently so is my brother.

On the way back home, I can’t help myself.  I hold up the Dairy Queen bag as we drive past the bank and we laugh like idiots.  I will do penance for this later.  Actually, this whole little scenario is one that I could see my mother doing.  In a family full of goofy people, she was one of the goofiest of the bunch.  And don’t worry!  That check is going to the church to be used in our church’s music program. Music was such an important part of Mom’s life and I know it will be a fitting tribute for her.




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