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Did you ever type on a typewriter like one of these old gems to the left?  Believe it or not, my mum had one like this and I used to bang out book reports for school and “great” works of literature for submission to the local newspaper’s weekly children’s column.  I loved typing on that old typewriter.  MANY years later, I had quite a chuckle when I was working at a local college library.  I asked one of my student workers to go over to an electric typewriter and type out an address on an envelope.  She looked at me in astonishment and said, “A typewriter?  Oh, my gosh….I’ve heard about them but I’ve never actually seen one.” 

So what has that little story got to do with a graphics site?  Well, as I was searching the Web the other day for a graphic I could use to illustrate a post I wanted to write, I stumbled across a wonderful site run by a blogger called The Graphics Fairy.  I have a button link to her blog on my home page but you can also access it here.  She has an astonishing collection of free clip art that pulls heavily from vintage graphics like old postcards and advertising flyers.  In many instances, she gives you the option of downloading graphics with the original vendor names on them (i.e. in the case of advertising graphics) or ones where she has cleaned them up and given you a place to insert your own words.

  Love this graphic of a British war poster!  I should probably blow it up and frame it to hang on the wall in back of my computer monitor.  Or better yet, maybe I should print it out onto a postcard and mail it off to my local congressman.  Or how about the delicious illustration of cakes?  It’s nice to look at right now, especially since today is a “weigh-in” day for me.  That means I won’t be heading over to the local bakery to buy any sweets to snack on.  There aren’t many calories in a graphic.

The Graphics Fairy has a neat feature at her blog on Mondays.  She calls it “Brag Monday.”  On Mondays, folks who have used her graphics in some creative way post links on her blog and you get the fun of visiting their sites to see how they’ve been using the various images available.  What a great way to get new ideas.  She also features one or two of these projects in more detail on her blog that day. 

So why not grab a nice cuppa tea, put your feet up and get comfy, and head on over to the Graphics Fairy to check out all the treasures she has assembled for you?  And while you’re over there, if you like what you see, don’t miss the chance to subscribe to her blog and/or follow her on Twitter.  I’m sure glad that I’ve done both.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I like it! I think this is more “you” now then the WP blog. Welcome back to the fold. And extra thanks for the link to The Graphics Fairy. Fun!


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