A Dog Yard Remodel

Our new puppy is going to be joining our household one week from today.  I’m pretty excited while, at the same time, realizing that our mornings of sleeping in on the weekends and lazing about in the evenings are going to be over for awhile.  Life will be assuming the tempo of “new parents.”

One of the last things to deal with was our fenced-in dog yard.  It opens up from our sunporch and is just a small portion of our total yard.  We have always used it to let Fresca, the Wonder Dog go out and in to do her business.  She was never left out there any longer than it took her to “sniff and go” but still, the dog yard was in terrible shape.  There were bare patches where we just couldn’t get grass to grow and these areas always turned into a muddy mess any time it rained.  I didn’t want to bring our new puppy into this mess.

I did a lot of research looking at pictures on the Web and reading the few books dealing with “pet landscaping.”  I finally came up with a plan of what I wanted.  I basically wanted a Zen-garden look.  With every marriage there are always compromises, so the Commander and I put our heads together and then consulted with our landscaper and this is what we ended up with.  We decided on a combination of mulched areas and pathways of crushed stone.

The crew showed up the first day and laid the framework for the stone paths.  They also covered the entire area with heavy-duty landscaping fabric and put the mulch down in the areas where we wanted mulch to go.

The next day they brought in the rock and put that in the pathways.  After hauling lots of wheelbarrel-fulls of rock, they tamped it all down and watered it thoroughly.

One feature that our landscaper had suggested was to break up the path area with a small structural piece in the middle.  We remembered that we had a birdbath that had been languishing in our garage for several years and told him about it.  “Perfect,” he said.  I have to agree.  I really like that feature and so do the birds.

The Commander wanted room to put our big gas grill so that it wouldn’t have to be kept in the garage and pulled out into the driveway every time we grill.  He got his wish.  Now he can keep it in the back corner of the dog yard, I think.  We’ll see how it works.

Here’s the view from the far corner of the dog yard looking toward the sunporch.  It was late afternoon so I’m sorry about the shadows in the pictures.

So the plan is to encourage the new puppy to use the mulched area to the right of the steps when he goes outside.  We’re quite pleased with how it turned out, although we both agree that we wish we had installed more rock, instead of so much mulch.  (Hmmph…..that WAS my original vision.)  But we can always have the landscaper enlarge the paths next year, after we’ve had some time to watch how the dog utilizes the space.

One thing is for sure, though.  It looks 100% better than it did several days ago.  Now we just need to add our little guy to the picture.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Hmmm…I typed out a comment and it seems to have disappeared. Hopefully I don’t end up posting two comments!

    I love your dog yard! I am a bit jealous, as we don’t have a fenced yard so have to put Fergus and jenny on the leash and take them out each time they need to go. It is so exciting that you are getting a Westie puppy. Please post lots of pictures here and on Ravelry!

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