A Day of Distractions

Have you ever had a day that seems to be spinning in a million different directions?  Boy, has my day ever been a strange mix.  It started off when I came downstairs to feed Fresca the Wonder Dog.  As she was eating, I decided to make myself a cup of coffee.  As I reached for my steaming mug (we have a Keurig), I noticed a few dishes that hadn’t been washed from last night.  OK, I decided to wash them up quickly so the kitchen would be all tidy when the Commander got up.  After I washed the few dishes, I still had a nice, soapy basin of water so I looked around and thought maybe I’d wash down the stove top, which led to me washing down the counters, which led to me washing out the inside of the microwave, too.  Are you with me so far?  Now this was all before 7:30 a.m.

The Commander was still sleeping so I decided to fire up the computer and check my email.  With Jason and his family living in a timezone that is about 12 hours difference from ours, I like to see if there is any news from them in the morning, since they would probably have posted while I was sleeping.  As I checked my email, I noticed a newsletter from a digital scrapbooking company that I’ve purchased items from in the past.  I opened it up and was reading it and saw an ad that caught my eye.  Of course, I had to click on it which took me to their online store and of course, I found some very nice digital packages that were on sale at 40% off.  So I went ahead and purchased them and got right to downloading them onto my computer.  Naturally, after doing that, I wanted to bring them into my Creative Memories Storybook Creator software program.  As I finished doing that, I realized that my folders in Storybook Creator were getting rather voluminous so I decided perhaps I’d better do some reorganizing of those to help me pare down the number of categories which would make it easier for me to find things.  Oh yes, somewhere in the middle of doing that, my brother called with a problem to do with Ebay so I had to stop and handle that long-distance.

At some point the Commander came downstairs and stuck his head into the room to say “Good Morning” and as I eventually glanced up at the clock, I realized that it was 10:30 a.m. and I hadn’t even brushed my hair or eaten breakfast.  Whew!  I’m tired just writing all of this.  No wonder my days just fly by and I can’t figure out where the day has gone when 5 p.m. rolls around and I’m still working on the computer.

But speaking of eating, how do you like that rack of BBQ ribs and sweet potato fries?  That was my meal this past Friday when the Commander and I went out to enjoy a late anniversary dinner.

I didn’t realize when he took my picture what the scene was behind me.  Goodness!  This could be a poster for a diet ad.  I actually had filled up on an appetizer and when they brought my meal, I only had room for a few of the fries and a few bites of BBQ and then I had to box up the rest to bring home.

This cheesy “firebread” dipped in seasoned oil was the culprit.  I LOVE cheese and melted over warm bread is even better.

When we got home, I hurried up and set up the camera, put it on automatic timer and we ran for the couch so we could get a picture to commemorate our belated anniversary outing.

Now I’m busy spinning wool for the next few weeks as part of the “Tour de Fleece”, an event that spinners around the world are taking part in as we spin wool on different “teams” each day as the Tour de France does its own kind of spinning.  This is some lovely wool from the dyer Bee Mice Elf and I’ve been spinning it up as I watch TV in the evenings. 

In other news, techie that I am, I just couldn’t resist Barnes and Noble’s recent price drop on the Nook so I am now the owner of a Kindle AND a Nook.  I didn’t buy the 3G version since my Kindle already gives me that full ability but instead I purchased the Wi-Fi version, which is fine for me.  I’ll give you my initial impressions of the Nook in my next post.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • such a busy lady!

    Love the photo of you and your Commander…you are a good lookin couple!

    What do you hear of J & L?


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