A Day for Breaking Records

My little Prius-C (or Tigger, as I like to call him) is performing like a champ. Today I got the best gas mileage yet. At my last fill-up (a little over $8 in gas), I figured out the mileage and it was 64.7 mpg. That was with the cruise control on and the air conditioning running. To make it even better, at one point, I was getting SIXTY-SIX miles per gallon today. That’s the highest I’ve seen while driving out on the highway. Wow!

We retraced our steps through Minnesota and across Wisconsin today and arrived in Marinette in the late afternoon. We checked into our motel and then headed over to the cemetery to check on our dad’s gravesite. We wanted to see how the flowers were doing that we had planted the week before.

Last week, we had to content with folks who were working on the graves right behind our family plots. Today, we had to contend with a sprinkler that was soaking all of the graves. John turned it off and we paid our respects but didn’t get very good pictures of the headstones because they were really wet.

Then it was time to head over to Mickey Lu’s for some malts and hamburgers. John was going to try to set a new record by eating FOUR double cheeseburgers and top it off with a malt. The waitress said she would have to see it to believe it.

Soon she was back with an armful of burgers and the fun began. I think the reaction of the lady behind John is pretty funny. I only had one of these but I DID offer to eat half of one of John’s if he couldn’t get through them all.

Every so often the waitress would come over to check on John’s progress. He was chomping away.

Finally he got to the last bite and the waitress came with our bill and said, “I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

Some new folks had come in as we were joking with the waitress and when she left, they leaned over to us and said, “We just got here. What did we miss?”

We told them about John’s accomplishment and how we always make it a point to eat at Mickey Lu’s when we are in town. Turns out that they were from Chicago and this was a return trip for them as well. They had accidentally stumbled across the little café several years ago and now they do the same thing. We shared how we had been eating here since we were little kids. With the strains of “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” playing on the jukebox in the background, we all agreed that places like this are pieces of Americana that need to be enjoyed wherever you find them. So if you ever find yourself in Marinette, Wisconsin, be sure to stop in at Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q and have a hamburger and malt to start your own family tradition.

On our way back to the motel, we passed the Lauerman’s building. This used to be a big department store that both of my aunts worked for. We’d always check into our motel when we’d get to town and then head over to the store to surprise them. I remember so well how the air in the building was perfumed and everything looked so elegant. I think at one time, one of my aunts worked in the linens department which included lovely embroidered handkerchiefs. I thought they were so beautiful. While we’d wait for them to get off work, Dad would take us down the street for some slices of pizza.

Tomorrow we head on back to my brother’s house. It will be a very LONG drive. I don’t think I’ll be getting such good mileage because the speed limit is 70 on the lower peninsula stretch and I’ll probably have to go faster than 63. I’ll just be very happy to put car travel behind me for a few days and to sit with my feet propped up.


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