A Compliment Of Sorts

Laura, Mika, and I took an Angkut into the heart of town today to run an errand, which was an experience in itself.  It’s the furthest I’ve gone in an angkut and I really must learn to control my facial expressions better.  My grimaces, flinches, and wild-eyed looks of horror were keeping the rest of the passengers entertained, I’m sure, as we careened through town, once again narrowly missing other cars, angkuts, and motorcyclists.

We actually broke down in the middle of a busy intersection, at one point.  For a moment there it looked like we all might have to get out and walk to the side of the road and then find another angkut to hop into to continue our journey.  Other drivers were none too pleased but like the Red Sea, the traffic parted around our stalled van as our driver coaxed his  engine back to life.  Hallelujah! 

It all made for a long day and Laura and I were pretty exhausted by the time we made it back to the apartment.  Mika should have been exhausted but she was still going strong.  Oh, to have that energy!
I popped open a bottle of Coca-Cola and was just heading into the bedroom to put my feet up and turn on my Kindle when I heard a knock on the door.  I called down to Jason who came upstairs and opened the door to find a man standing there with several rolled bundles.  I started for the bedroom again but Jason called me back.  Apparently the word had gotten out that “Ibu Dee” had  arrived to visit her son and this gentleman was here to show me his paintings in the hopes that I’d buy some.

He carefully unrolled his oil paintings which were on big canvases and spread them on the floor.  He watched me as I examined each one.  If I showed a lot of enthusiasm for one, he put it aside.  The scenes were of workers in rice paddies around Bandung….not the typical artwork that I have in my house.  Actually, all of my artwork are scenes of the Texas hill country or cattle in the Texas hill country done by a Texan artist.  But hey, it’s not every day that you have family members living in Indonesia.

I ended up buying two paintings and spent about $40 total.  I could probably have purchased similar paintings a lot cheaper in a market elsewhere but I liked this fellow.  He told Jason that I was pretty amazing since, unlike his own mother, I didn’t have a lot of wrinkles and I still had all my teeth. My first thought was that maybe I should have offered to run down to the end of the lane and back so that he could also check my gait.  But now I’m thinking I should put on my next business cards  “I  still have all my teeth.”   What do you think?

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Hahahahaha! For sure, add that line to your cards. Use it for your facebook status.

    Seriously, the paintings are lovely. I like them, alot. This part of the world is now a part of your world – whether it was your choice or not – you must have a representation of Indonesia on your walls!

    We all have AFrican paintings on our walls – it’s a subtle way to be reminded of the reason our loved ones are away, that there are people being reached. At least, that’s what they do for me.


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