A Closely Guarded Family Recipe

Just returned from a weekend scrapbooking retreat.  My daughter was able to join me for some mother-daughter bonding time over the albums and photos which was awesome.  And I got entirely too little sleep which probably explains why I came down with a migraine on my way home.  Ugh!  Haven’t had one of those horrible things in several years.  In fact, I got so rattled that when I got home, I dashed to the medicine cabinet for my migraine medication and grabbed the wrong medicine by mistake.  I didn’t realize my error until I had already taken the pill.  What I took was a Boniva, which is for osteoporosis.  It wouldn’t have been a biggie since I was overdue on taking my monthly Boniva except for the fact that the Commander was on his way home with lunch for the two of us.  With Boniva, once you take the pill, you aren’t to eat anything for one hour.  Drat!  I grabbed the correct medicine and downed that but then noticed that it was past its “Use By” date.  I told you that I hadn’t had any migraines in several years and apparently I had failed to get refills when I should.  Luckily the meds worked anyway and I feel better.

Back to the subject of this post.  I had a good chuckle during the retreat.  Our scrapbooking consultant had specifically asked me to bring the same type of cookies that I had baked for a previous scrapbook get-together.  No problem.  I picked up the necessary items and spent most of Thursday and Friday morning baking batches of cookies.

On Saturday, one of the scrapbookers asked me how I was able to bake such delicious cookies.  She said they tasted just like the “cookies you buy in a bakery.”  I told her it was no big feat since all I had to do was go to a grocery store and pick up the cookie dough in the dairy case and then break off the little chunks, put them on a cookie sheet, and bake them according to instructions.  She was flabbergasted.  Here folks had been thinking that I was using some secret family recipe when all along I was pumping out these fabulous cookies courtesy of “Uncle Nestle.”  That became one of our inside jokes the rest of the weekend as ladies would come up to me to ask for my secret recipe.  Ha!

If you haven’t tried the Nestle Toll House Ultimate Chocolate Chip Lovers and Peanut Butter Cups, Chips and Chocolate Chunks refrigerated cookie dough that come in the yellow packages in the dairy case, you might want to try them out.  The dough is already scored into squares to break off and put on your cookie sheets.  Couldn’t be simpler but oh, are they tasty.  The Pillsbury Big Deluxe Classics cookie dough in the blue bags are also quite good.  Give them a try.  You might end up with a new “family heirloom” recipe.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • LOL. Love it! (The cookie story)
    I’m sorry you had a migrane, though.
    What a great thing to do with your daughter! I’ve never scrapped with anyone else but if I did, I’d like it to be one of my girls.


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